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Looking for a sweet vacation or just a place to stop and be a kid again? These places have become landmarks for amazing candy shops and sweet tooth indulgences.

Economy Candy, New York

This Lower East Side landmark has been satisfying candy cravings since 1937. Budget-friendly prices on treats stacked from floor to ceiling, give shoppers a feeling of walking through a landscape of candy mountains. You’ll find classic favorites mingling with new creations like bacon-flavored candies along with imported gummies. If you are a fan of nostalgic goodies and unique sweets, this is the place for you.

Sweet! Hollywood, Los Angeles

Where Economy Candy is quaint and kitschy, Sweet! is a behemoth embracing new trends. Themed rooms cater to different styles and tastes. There is even a Chocolate Lab customers can create their own bar of chocolate. The store does give a nod to the candy of the past in a “Vintage” room, but the Willy Wonka room draws your attention. Most reviewers deemed it a bit pricey, but the experience is as close as you will get to being in Wonka’s Chocolate Factory (circa Johnny Depp). If you are looking for an amazing to place to have your kids’ birthday parties at, the store can host up to 200 kids for a day they will never forget.

Shane Confectionery, Philadelphia

This place is the Holy Land of candy stores. It is the oldest continuously operated candy shop in the United States. Samuel Herring and Daniel Dengler were the candy-creators and canned-fruit broker, Edward R. Shane, took the store into the market in 1911. History pummeled the store; sugar shortages and war along with evolving territory brought the store to its knees. In 2010, Eric and Ryan Berley scooped the shop up and gave it an amazing restoration. It’s hipster, but true to its foundation. Most of the sweets are molded and created in a loft above the store. Artisanal candy with top-of-the-line taste is waiting on 110 Market Street in Philadelphia.

Big Top Candy Shop, Austin

Ice cream, floats, shakes, malts, candy by the pound, chocolates, European treats, bacon infused candy (try the bacon cotton candy), gumballs and suckers are just a few of the confectionery delights you’ll find at Big Top Candy Shop. Most hard-to-find treats and can be located at this adorable old timey themed shop.

Chutters, Littleton, New Hampshire

This place is Home of the World’s Longest Candy Counter. Candy, fudge, chocolate and 112 feet of “gleaming glass jars filled with brightly colored candy” will have you feeling like a kid again. It’s not as “frilly” as some places, but it doesn’t lack any of the charm. Feast your taste buds on gourmet and traditional jellybeans, chocolates, licorice, caramels, and nostalgic pieces abound. Most reviewers saved their cash for the fudge and truffles instead of indulging in the bulk candy one can find at chain grocery stores.


  1. Paula Parker says

    Such a fun article. I would love to see the world longest candy counter in Chutters, Littleton. I love chocolate.

  2. says

    I love candy shops. There are some good ones here in Canada as well. It’s like you stepped back in time and walked into the past. Some of the displays are replicas but others are rare and antique. The atmosphere is amazing and makes you feel like you are back in time. Not to mention all that AWESOME candy. Some of it I have NEVER seen before. I always try something different but purchase my usual peppermint stick.

  3. Jessica Peeling says

    I have never been to any of these! I used to go to NYC a lot but have never heard of Economy Candy. I’ll have to check it out when I’m there again.

  4. R U S S says

    Candy shops are heaven on earth! I usually go to one before watching a movie. Candies go well with my favorite cinema food.

  5. says

    Do these candy shops export their goodies to the rest of the world? If I am not from the US, how am I going to taste their products?

  6. Maria Oller says

    I would love to visit and try them all,
    lucky me next month we will visit Austin so I now know what will be my first tourist stop.

  7. Rebecca Swenor says

    Most people wouldn’t thing to go to a chocolate lab or a candy shop but this is a great idea. We might have to check some of these places out which I would prefer the chocolate lab. lol Thanks for sharing.

  8. jane says

    sweet hollywood sounds amazing to me! i am not fond of sweets even in chocolates i eat hose dark ones but my daughter and husband love sweets! will put this on my bucketlist

  9. says

    Hey, I live in NY, well not NYC, but close enough. So how come I never heard of Economy Candy, New York– Somehow I think my Mom has managed to keep this from me all these years! I definitely have to drive down there and have a look and many tastes and purchases!!

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