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New Proposed Airplane Seats Look…Interesting

New Proposed Airplane Seats Look...Interesting

And by interesting…I mean, no one in their right mind would pay $350+ to sit on these reverse tandem bicycle seats for hours.

Airbus has proposed these new airline seats to pack more passengers into planes by eliminating bulky seat cushions, space-hogging storage and, thusly, any iota of comfort.

The new idea, following their Windowless Cockpit design, is dubbed the “Seating Device Comprising a Forward Foldable Backrest.” Meaning, seats could compact when not it use. Three seats are connected by a single structure for each row. A “bearing piece” shows the seats fixed, side-by-side. Think of it as a row of average stadium-style chairs, but even less accommodating.

Translation – This is great…if you are a Ken doll.

New Proposed Airplane Seats Look...Interesting

The contoured bicycle seat has a retractable features including a minimalist backrest. There is nothing else around passengers expect fellow sneezing, cough, hacking, snoring, chattering travelers. Click HERE to read up ‘Pilots and Flight Attendant Confess Airline Secrets and Tips’ to see what else you are missing out on.

The tray table has also been eliminated. So if you were hoping to get some work done on the plane, it will have to be lap-friendly labor. That cushion that separates the guy sitting next to you from napping on your shoulder is gone too. In case of a water landing…hold your breath and doggie-paddle.

Keep in mind, this is currently just a patent. The proposal was received by the U.S. Patent Application. Airbus Communications Manager Mary Anne Greczyn confirmed it is an idea, but just one of many…

In order to satisfy the needs of our airline customers and their passengers, our industry looks into a future a year and a hundred years ahead. The seat is a concept only.

Lets hope this becomes one of the many ideas that never make it past the patent stage. I wondered, would these new, more “economicaltorture devices posing as seats mean lower fares? Not likely.

But it does pique my curiosity. How much comfort would you sacrifice for lower airfares?