National Geographic International Photography Contest 2014 For Kids: Learn How to Participate -What Are You Waiting For?

National Geographic International Photography Contest 2014 For Kids: Learn How to Participate -What Are You Waiting For?

Want to win a Costa Rica family adventure or a sponsored trip to Washington D.C.? The National Geographic International Photography Contest 2014 for Kids launched on August 1st and runs until October 15th. The contest will be open for all children aged 6 to 14, and the grand prize includes the Nat Geo sponsored family trip to Costa Rica.

The contest basically consists of uploading your best photos in four different categories, with the winners getting voted after the October 15th deadline. The first category is ‘Wild Vacation’, with the requirement being to upload photos of you and your family as you explore a new culture, a new life in the city, or nature. Only one first-place winner will be chosen in this category upon completion of the contest.

The second category is ‘Amazing Animals’, and consists of taking photos of pets or any animals you encounter – whether they be on the street, in the zoo, in urban life, or in the nature. Your best shot here would be to capture something unique and different, since we’ve all seen about a billion photos of dogs cuddling with babies. Maybe have your pet do a neat trick and capture them in the process? Or perhaps trek out to the nearest wildlife reserve and try to get pictures of the animals there. Once again, one first-place winner will be chosen in this category as well.

The third category is ‘Weird But True’, and will consist of finding something that’s strange and make the judges do a double take. A chimpanzee riding a horse, perhaps? I kid, I kid. But you get the essence of what I’m saying, even if trying to replicate Planet of the Apes isn’t a possibility in real life. Have you ever done a double take at something on the street? Is someone dressed up as a zebra and running around on the street? Ever seen a car with flames painted towards the side? Anything you feel would warrant a second glance would probably do well here. One first-place winner will also be selected in this category.

The fourth and final category is ‘Dare To Explore’, and will consist of photos taken ‘off the beaten path’. Treetops, landscapes, underwater fish, polar bears, or anything that comes across as adventurous and daring. It’s not easy to get pictures of underwater fish, nor is it easy to get pictures of treetops. Now, be very careful when attempting this category, and don’t try to get something that will get you injured and/or in trouble. But if your parents are around to help you, perhaps try to go somewhere that people don’t know about – an abandoned fort, perhaps? Or maybe just try to get a cool picture from your window. Either way, make sure that it exemplifies something ‘off the beaten path’, since that’s what the judges will be looking for.

You can see past winning photographs at this link

The grand prize for US residents is the Nat Geo sponsored trip to Costa Rica. International winners, on the other hand, will get a sponsored trip to Washington, D.C. There will be four first place winners and four second place winners in the US contest, and the four second place winners will receive cameras, a selection of Nat Geo Kids books, and memory cards for the cameras. Then, the first place winners will compete for the US  grand prize, which is the seven day Costa Rica trip for two. The final winners in each category will be announced in November 2014.

The official rules of the contest can be found here: CONTEST RULES

Click here to enter: All photos must be black-and-white or color, and must be shot with a digital camera or conventional film. If you don’t follow these rules, then your photos probably won’t be considered and you’ll miss out on an excellent opportunity to go to Cost Rica or at the very least, win some cool prizes.

So what are you waiting for? The clock is ticking, go enter!


  1. Lysa says

    What a fun contest for the kiddos. I’m definately going to tell my 13 year old about it. Thank you for the info.

  2. says

    What an awesome contest, great way to get the kids thinking creatively for a great prize! Costa Rica is actually on our bucket list, we will have to enter!

  3. says

    Wow, what a neat contest! Such a shame that it’s for US only…the Canadians need a trip to Costa Rica too!! 😛
    I’ll share this with my US pals though, thank you!


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