Taking Tech into Nature using Solar

Taking Tech into Nature using Solar

Taking tech into nature using solar is a great way to leave the stresses of work and everyday living behind as you escape into nature. Taking tech into nature isn’t looked at with an evil side eye anymore but typically as a necessity to camping and hiking. It doesn’t matter if you are doing a weekend car camping trip or out on a full-week hiking expedition in the backwoods of Yosemite, it is hard to leave technology behind. We need to keep our phones charged in case of an emergency, lights to see when it gets dark out, and also to help us cook if we haven’t mastered campfire cooking quite yet.

The most often piece of tech taken out into nature is the cell phone and it is a good idea to bring along a couple external USB battery chargers. Ideally, don’t go smaller than 3000mAh as that gives you a full day’s charge. Invest in a solar power mat and charge it up during the day so you can then charge all of your devices at night in the comfort of your tent.

If you are hiking into a basecamp or not in an away where there is available light, think about getting a solar powered lantern that also has a turn crank on it. The batteries last a long time and it can be charged by the sun, and in extreme circumstances you can crank it to produce light. High-powered LED lanterns now come as small as 3” and can be powered by the sun.

Anytime you are going camping and they don’t have electrical plugins at the campsite, bring your own. Portable battery chargers are about the size of a car battery and have many functions to them. They can not only power everything from a laptop to a blender, but some models come with battery cables to jump your car if needed. They can be charged by plugging into a wall socket or even your car as you drive to your next destination. Some of the newer portable battery chargers are also solar powered and are starting to come very compact and lighter. The original models were pretty large and quite heavy! Don’t forget to buy the solar generator kit that will not only charge up your battery charger but also have the ability to power up a refrigerator!

Keeping charged up in nature is no longer a difficult task and can be done with a few key items and so many now are solar-powered. Don’t just go for the least expensive model either, most of these are meant to last for many years and is one of those items that when you need it out camping or hiking, you really need it. Solar powered devices make taking tech into nature a breeze!


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    Great piece! I’ve been thinking of doing more hiking lately but, of course, have been thinking of looking into solar to charge my things. Do they really work well?

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    I love all the products that have come out to allow us to take our technology with us. I love going hiking with my kids but I want to know that my cell phone will work if I need it to.

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    I have a portable phone charger but haven’t used it yet. I’m planning on using it when I attend a conference this June. I haven’t gone camping in a long time, maybe 7 years! It’s on our to do list for this summer though!

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    Good idea. When we camp we leave the cell phones off and away from us so we’re not tempted to use them. This would be good in case of an emergency.

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    This makes camping so much nicer. Well, for me anyway. :) I know the guys still like to ‘rough it’ though they do like their phones charged too. 😉

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    Such great ideas for camping. I like the portable battery charger idea – especially if we can find one that has the cables to jump a car. Getting stuck with a dead battery while camping is no fun

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    I don’t go camping too often anymore but these are great tips for going on any type of vacation. You can find yourself stranded just about any place now days and could be in need of these devices.

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