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5 Reasons to take a Norwegian Family Cruise: “The Fun, the Fancy, and the Delicious”

5 Reasons to take a Norwegian Family Cruise: "The Fun, the Fancy, and the Delicious"

While nothing beats jumping on a plane, landing in a city, and scouring the streets for a week at a time, with nothing to do but gorge yourself on the local fare and sights, taking a cruise can be a great way to visit multiple gems without having to worry about travel plans between destinations. All you have to do is hop back on board your floating hotel and, when you wake up the next morning, you’ll be somewhere new. Like magic.

Cruises are a great way for families to vacation, as they provide a particular inclusiveness that’s hard to beat. You have your room; you have your dining options (varying to suit different people’s styles and wants); and there are also endless possibilities for entertainment and/or relaxation (though, doesn’t one need a healthy mix of the two?). Also, they can be quite cost effective for medium-sized families; seeking out deals and options is half the fun!

If you’re looking to get away for a week, twelve days, or even fourteen days (or more!), consider hopping aboard a cruise ship. I’ve cruised on several different lines and, while each of them possess their own quirks and charms, Norwegian Cruise Line offers a great balance between the three elements I look for while on any vacation: entertainment (the fun times), ambiance (the fancy times), and dining (the delicious times).

Why should you take a Norwegian cruise? Here are my top 5 reasons:

  1. The Fun Times. My family took a Mediterranean cruise on a new ship (at the time) called Gem of the Seas. Cruises are great for families because they offer avenues of fun for humans of all ages. If you have little humans, there are great kids’ clubs. If you have cranky teenage humans—who want to have as little to do with the parental units as possible—there are great activities for them as well. But the fun isn’t limited to the young ones. Many of the adults, ahem, tend to act like children, as there are many fun bars, dance venues, pool parties, and hilarious adult-only game shows that might require the parental units to leave their brood on the pool deck.
  2. The Fancy Times. Each ship has elements of grandeur that will make you and your family feel as if you’re cruising the high seas in style. Also, while the glitziest ships are the newest and sparkliest ones about to make their maiden voyages, Norwegian does a great job maintaining the older ships within their fleet.
  3. The Delicious Times. Any time you cruise, well, you can be absolutely certain you’re going to stuff your face. Count on putting on pounds (unless you’re one of those people who works out while you’re on vacay, in which case the ships have workout facilities and adventure excursions). They have an abundance of options, including buffet style, nightly dinner service in the fine dining service (be sure to bring your suit and tie!), and small 24/7 cafes located around the ship.
  4. Safety. For a family, safety is often a number one priority and concern. If kids enjoy meeting friends and exploring solo, parents can feel confident in letting them wander off safely. Because . . . . Where are they going to go? They’re surrounded by miles upon miles of H20!
  5. Convenience. All of these points equal one thing: convenience and ease of travel!

Have you been on cruises with your families? If so, tell us about your voyage in the comments section below.

To find out more about Norwegian’s Family Cruises, head over to their website [CLICK HERE] and check out the video below!