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Crocodile Found Under Hotel Bed – PHOTOS


crocodile under bed

I have heard of finding odd and random things under hotel beds, but a crocodile?! That brings an entire new meaning to monsters under the bed.

A man in Zimbabwe, Guy Whittall, got a large and dangerous shock when he woke up this morning. An 8 foot crocodile was camping out under his bed. He didn’t notice the unexpected roommate until housekeeping arrived with his breakfast. The woman started screaming as the crocodile made its presence known.

The really disconcerting thing about the whole episode is the fact that I was sitting on the edge of the bed that morning, bare foot and just centimeters away from the croc!”

The man survived the entire night with a croc under his bed at the Humani Lodge. He assumes that the beast came from the nearby Turgwe River. The unwanted visitor didn’t leave without a fight either. As Guy and few of the staff tried to remove the crocodile, it began snapping and writhing.

Catching and securing a croc of any size on land, though, is a fairly straightforward affair and we are experienced in that. The most important thing is to get its snout roped and secured, and then it’s just a matter of restraining it and covering its eyes, to calm it down.

They did manage to get the croc safely out of the lodging and back into the river. Guy was very cool, but surprised by the situation and even made a little joke…

I just remember thinking, goodness gracious, that’s one for the books. I’m pretty sure everyone in Humani checks under their bed before going to sleep now anyway.

Could you imagine finding a crocodile under your bed? I don’t think I could be as cool and collected as this man! For fun, I did a little search on the weirdest things found in hotels and this is what I found…

Cats – A room attendant found a hefty cash tip along with a small herd of cats. The owner never returned for the pet.

A Goat Dressed like Abraham Lincoln – Seriously, one housekeeper confessed she found the animal after a bachelor party.

Blow Up Doll – A repeat customer who requested the same room every time was hiding a blow up doll under the hotel bed until staff discovered it and threw it away.

Gourmet Cheese Platter – It was left under the bed and discovered by housekeeping.

[Images Via GMA per ABC News]

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  1. jody says

    did he get a discount?

  2. jody says

    are you sure it wasn’t his date?

  3. Nikki says

    That is a crazy story, I would freak out!

  4. Allie says

    This would have to be the worst thing ever!

  5. Pamela says

    Wow, that is out of a movie for sure.

  6. DD says

    That is just creepy.

  7. BusyBee says

    OMG that is my worst nightmare. AAAAAA

  8. Erin says

    Freaky! Now I am afraid of monsters under my bed again.

  9. Pamela says

    He remained quite calm considering.

  10. DD says

    I’d be freaking out.

  11. Chris says

    What was the crocodile writing?
    You say – As he and few of the staff tried to remove the crocodile, it began snapping and writing.
    Was it like a book? Or some snappy jokes maybe?

    1. Jen says

      Snappy jokes… ROFL.

      I usually have an eagle eye for spelling and missed the error referred to here. I checked the article again and unless a correction was made it’s ‘w-r-i-t-h-i-n-g’ which crocs will do.

      Still too funny.

      1. Marcia says

        Chris, I was just about ready to send you a response as it was not writing, it was writhing. There is a difference. However, I liked the first read better (writing); it was more fun and brought a lot of laughs.

  12. Traci says

    I worked as a housekeeper for 5 years. Try finding nudie magazines with a used condom on the centerfold. GROSS!!!!

  13. DThomas says

    Bet I’ll be very very very alert, careful, and wide eyed upon entering my hotel room.

  14. Danny de val says

    I’ve woken with far worse things at the side of me after a night on the lash

  15. amanda acosta says

    OMG how scary is that. Its amazing how it didn’t sneak up on his bed or anything like that. But how did it get inside the hotel in the first place , who was in the hotel before he was , and how can you manage to get out of there alive with an 8 foot alligator there overnight :0

  16. Teeboy says

    How lucky! Two for the price of one

  17. Jessica Harlow says

    I cannot imagine finding a crocodile under my bed?! If I was in a hotel room the last thing I would ever think is that there’d be any kind of animal in my room! lol

  18. Esther says

    I certainly hope he wasn’t charged for this stay. I anything, he should be given a free room and meals for the week!

  19. Thomas Bodetti says

    The Croc was obviously the mans pet, he was just too embarrassed to tell the hotel, I’m sure they met up later in the day and had a good laugh.

  20. Karen says

    I would have flipped out! I lived in Florida for awhile along a canal and every once in a while an alligator would wander along the grass and it always made me nervous at night, that I wouldn’t see one in time. Under the bed…no way!!

  21. Karen O. says

    That was Kris Jenner. Her makeup man wasn’t available.

  22. mike says

    that guy will sleep with anything

  23. Pamela says

    I would freak out. How did it even get in to his room?

  24. Samantha says

    That’s scary

  25. s allen says

    I live in Florida near the Everglades and I am always in the look out for alligators in my driveway or by the front door. Usually people here find them in their back yard pools. We see them in the canals all the time. A word of advice if you are walking your dog near a canal the dog has a good chance of an alligator coming up and eating it. Don’t even get me started on the sharks in our water. I refuse to swim in the ocean here.

  26. MULDOON says

    Once when I was in Mexico, I went out of my room to get some bottled water (left the door ajar) and upon my return I saw, what I thought at the time, a huge rat entered our room. My sister & I were freaking out. Jumping on the beds, dressers, throwing everything in to the bathroom. Finally, a big Armadillo sauntered out of the room unconcerned.

    Oh, some of my travel experiences I could share!

  27. JUHunter says

    This isn’t a bunch of “croc” is it?

  28. Our Family World says

    That IS scary! I would have screamed my lungs out if I found a croc under my hotel room bed. I think he should have been refunded his money. If I were him and was offered a week’s stay on the house, I would politely turn it down. What would be next? Snakes in the closet?

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