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Crocodile Found Under Hotel Bed – PHOTOS


crocodile under bed

I have heard of finding odd and random things under hotel beds, but a crocodile?! That brings an entire new meaning to monsters under the bed.

A man in Zimbabwe, Guy Whittall, got a large and dangerous shock when he woke up this morning. An 8 foot crocodile was camping out under his bed. He didn’t notice the unexpected roommate until housekeeping arrived with his breakfast. The woman started screaming as the crocodile made its presence known.

The really disconcerting thing about the whole episode is the fact that I was sitting on the edge of the bed that morning, bare foot and just centimeters away from the croc!”

The man survived the entire night with a croc under his bed at the Humani Lodge. He assumes that the beast came from the nearby Turgwe River. The unwanted visitor didn’t leave without a fight either. As Guy and few of the staff tried to remove the crocodile, it began snapping and writhing.

Catching and securing a croc of any size on land, though, is a fairly straightforward affair and we are experienced in that. The most important thing is to get its snout roped and secured, and then it’s just a matter of restraining it and covering its eyes, to calm it down.

They did manage to get the croc safely out of the lodging and back into the river. Guy was very cool, but surprised by the situation and even made a little joke…

I just remember thinking, goodness gracious, that’s one for the books. I’m pretty sure everyone in Humani checks under their bed before going to sleep now anyway.

Could you imagine finding a crocodile under your bed? I don’t think I could be as cool and collected as this man! For fun, I did a little search on the weirdest things found in hotels and this is what I found…

Cats – A room attendant found a hefty cash tip along with a small herd of cats. The owner never returned for the pet.

A Goat Dressed like Abraham Lincoln – Seriously, one housekeeper confessed she found the animal after a bachelor party.

Blow Up Doll – A repeat customer who requested the same room every time was hiding a blow up doll under the hotel bed until staff discovered it and threw it away.

Gourmet Cheese Platter – It was left under the bed and discovered by housekeeping.

[Images Via GMA per ABC News]