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Together For Good: See the World while also Giving Back to its Communities

Together for Good

Together for Good is a non-profit organization that strives to assist traveling individuals, those eager to see the world, in helping the lives of others. If you’re planning a vacation, Together for Good can offer brilliant information on opportunities around the globe that will help you—or your group—feel as if you’re trip brought about positive change.

The mission of Together for Good is “to encourage travelers to give back on vacation in order to improve the lives of disadvantaged children and teens in the Caribbean, Mexico, Central America and throughout the world. Donating to others takes little time and your help can make a huge difference in the lives of less fortunate children.”

Voluntourism is becoming more and more popular among large groups, families, and young individuals (college age+), but larger organizations that offer trips focusing on charitable work can cost a person a pretty penny; thus, making this kind of work not an option for many people.

For those who want to be socially responsible, but also want to enjoy a vacation (and don’t have the time or resources to set up a separate journey for this kind of work), Together for Good offers ways in which worldly individuals can effectively combine volunteer efforts with relaxation. Whether you’re on a cruise and only available for a few hours while in port to help a Caribbean-area school or are ready to make a more involved commitment while on a trip to Mexico, the combinations and destinations are endless.

For a comprehensive list detailing creative ways you can incorporate volunteer work within your planned vacation, consider checking out Together for Good’s Destinations Directory Let us know what you think. Does this type of travel appeal to you—or would you rather separate volunteer work from personal vacationing?