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Travel Tips: How To Travel Successfully With Your Pet – What You Need To Know


Travelling with pets is never easy, but it’s always less of an inconvenience when you plan ahead. Most of the time, airlines [both domestic and international] will allow pets with minimal provisions, but there are things to keep in mind before you decide you want to take your dog or cat traveling with you. Unfortunately, only cats and dogs are currently allowed on most airlines, and generally speaking, snakes, parrots, mice, etc. won’t be allowed.

First of all, for those of you who are ‘checking in’ your pets, you will need to present a health certificate when you do so. And then, you’ll be asked to complete a checklist detailing separate food/watering dishes available for the dog/cat without opening the kennel, the last time the pet was fed and watered, the health certificate’s validity, the international compliances for pets must be met for your destination, and also make sure you find out the animal relief areas for both your departure and arrival airports.

Now, carry on pets are also allowed on most flights, but no more than seven pets can be carried with you at all times, and the reservation process [both pricing and time] is different to making reservations for people [although this is a bit obvious]. There are applicable charges for taking pets as carry-on baggage, and pets are also absolutely not allowed out during any time of the flight – they need to stay in their ‘closed and/or zipped kennels’ in the seat in front of you during the entire duration of the flight, with absolutely no exceptions. The specific carrier size does vary from airline to airline, however.

Finally, the pet must be more than eight weeks old, and you MUST make sure to check that your international destination allows the pet. If you’re traveling anywhere domestic, it’s usually not a problem, but there are many international locations that don’t allow pets – at least, through airlines.