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Flying With Young Children: 5 Easy-to-Pack Activities For Kids

Flying With Young Children: 5 Easy-to-Pack Activities For Kids

Flying with young children can be both a relief because the travel period is so much shorter than a road trip would be, but it can also be a dreaded event if you leave home ill prepared.  Experience has taught that these 5 Things To Pack For Easy Flights With Kids are a true lifesaver once in the air.  No matter if it is your first, second or one hundredth flight adding kids into the mix brings a new element you should be prepared for.  Put these tips into practice and make your next flight one that leaves you relaxed and ready to enjoy the adventure ahead. 


ALWAYS BRING THEIR FAVORITE SNACKS:  While the majority of flights will serve some type of small snack and beverage while you are in the air, these are not always kids friendly or their favorites.  Packing a small portion of crackers, beef jerky or fruit snacks in an unopened package is a safe way to handle their cravings and desire to snack without a tantrum on flight.  Most flights will allow you to bring sealed packages and beverages in bottles.  Check individual airlines for specific requirements of what is allowable on board.

THEIR FAVORITE STUFFED ANIMAL OR BLANKET:  Especially with first flights takeoff and landing can be very scary for children.  Don’t leave home without a comfort item for them to hold, snuggle or cling to if they are afraid.  Not only does it provide a sense of familiarity but also safety.

BRING A NEW TOY OR SURPRISE:  If your child likes small toys, coloring or books this is the perfect time to pack a new treat in their carry on bag.  Be sensible about what would be loud or messy on flight and remember that space is limited to their seat and tray table.  Many small items can be picked up at your local dollar store.

PACK A CHANGE OF CLOTHES IN YOUR CARRY ON:  This may seem senseless but trust me you don’t want to be stuck on a 4 or 5 hour flight with a child who got airsick on themselves or who had an accident in their pants.  A change of clothing is a must even if you don’t use it in flight.

BRING THEIR FAVORITE MOVIE:  Bring your laptop, portable DVD player or tablet loaded with their favorite movie.  When all else fails watching Frozen for the ten thousandth time is a great way to calm a cranky or worried child.  Make sure to have fully charged batteries and pack your own earbuds or headphones so you don’t disturb those seated around you.

Flying with children can be a joy as long as you are prepared.  These 5 things to pack for easy flights with kids are a core group that most experienced travelers will swear by, however you know your child best and will be able to determine their individual needs better than any list someone else presents will.  Remember to be prepared and always be mindful of the other passengers around you.