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8 Best Christmas Gifts for Travelers

Christmas sock on palm tree at exotic tropical beach

For the travelers among our family and friends, the best gift you can give them is a plane ticket to their favorite region in Italy or accommodations to an all-inclusive beachfront resort. Unfortunately, that is nowhere within most of our budgets. So, what are the next best gifts for travelers that won’t break the bank? Take a look at the list below for the best Christmas gift ideas for the travel lovers in your life.

Smartphone Camera Accessories – One of the best parts of traveling is photography. Help the nomads in your life make all their Instagram followers jealous with some nifty accessories for their smartphone’s camera. Some ideas include the selfie-stick, attachable camera lenses, and LED flash attachments.

Souvenir Displays and Storage – Travelers typically have oodles of souvenirs and photos and few places to put them. Gift them a solution to help them organize their memories. A cork map where they can pin the locations of their travel destinations, a shadow box where they can display souvenirs, a postcard rack where they can place photos, a photo stub diary, or a scrapbook are all excellent solutions for the hoarding traveler.

Converters and Adapters  – If you have a loved one who plans on traveling internationally, converters and adapters are a must. The last thing any traveler wants is to arrive in Paris to find that they can’t charge their phone, or have their hair curler get fried from the high voltage.

Travel Accessories – For a perfect DIY gift, create a travel accessories gift basket. Items such as a neck pillow, headphones, sleep mask, and travel-sized toiletries would be great additions to a travel basket.

Luggage Set – This may seem obvious but every traveler could use some high quality luggage. A luggage set made of durable material with strong zippers and multiple compartments is a traveler’s dream! Accompany this gift with some unique luggage tags and small locks and you’ve got the perfect gift.

Gifts to pass the time – What does your friend or family member like to do to kill time? Have a good read? Play games on their tablet? You can give them some good books or an iTunes gift card to purchase and download some apps, audio books, or movies ahead of time.

Portable Electronics – Mini irons, Bluetooth speakers, and portable humidifiers can make any vacation rental feel like home. For your traveling gal pals, dual-voltage hair products can travel with them without converters.

Camping Gear – For nature lovers who have been bit by the wanderlust bug, you can’t go wrong with the gift of camping accessories. Consider some sturdy hiking shoes, a Jetboil compact stove, or a solar-charged lantern that doubles as a water bottle.