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Boston’s Best Travel: Tour Fenway Park – America’s Oldest Major League Baseball Park – See The Green Monster


No matter what team you root for, any baseball fan can appreciate the historical value of Fenway Park. Being from southern California, I’ve always known ball parks to be stadiums surrounded by huge parking lots that keep non-ticket holders at a far distance. In Boston, the vibe is very different.

I had missed the last game of the season by just a week, leaving me to resort to a tour of Fenway Park. On this chilly October day, I walked passed shops on Yawkey Way to a tiny ticket booth just outside the stadium. During the season, this street is lit with sounds of die-hard Red Sox fans and pregame festivities. The season was over but there was no denying that Boston is a proud baseball city.

As I walked through the oldest ball park in America, the interior atmosphere did not boast the modernity of other baseball stadiums I’ve visited. In place of sleek new polishes were worn seats that, if they could, would speak of a rich history of quirky traditions, extraordinary accomplishments, and tremendously loyal fans.

During this very under-priced tour, our group had two guides showing us the ropes. We walked to the top of the Green Monster (the tour, by the way, is the cheapest way to sit in these popular Fenway seats) and down to the visitor’s locker room. We heard stories about everything from the dark era cursed by the Great Bambino to the monumental strides of Ted Williams and Carl Yastrzemski.

Next, we spent some time in the press box where Brad Pitt sat while filming ‘Moneyball‘. There we searched for the Yawkey initials (previous owners) hidden somewhere in the park. Our terrific guide eloquently illustrated the colorful past of Fenway Park as we continued our trek all the way to the single red seat in the right field bleachers. Why just one red seat? Any Red Sox fan can tell you that the seat commemorates Ted Williams’ record-setting 502-feet blast that landed directly on a snoozing fan seated in section 42, row 37, seat 21.

Fenway Park tours are held all throughout the year. During the season, you can tour during the Red Sox’s batting practice or book special group tour packages. As such an integral part of Boston’s culture, no visit to this east coast city is complete without a tour of Fenway.