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Dining in Paris: Enjoy Heavenly Soufflé At La Cuisine de Philippe


Dining in Paris: Enjoy Heavenly Soufflé At La Cuisine de Philippe

Every city has their signature dish. You can’t visit Rome without savoring the richness of a carbonara dish, or leave Valencia without sharing a sizzling skillet of paella with friends. In Paris, there are a number of famous dishes to choose from: pain au chocolat, croquet monsieur, crepes, escargot—the list goes on and on. For me, I couldn’t vacation in Paris without having the perfect soufflé.

After being turned away from a fully booked restaurant the night before, I learned my lesson and made reservations at La Cuisine de Philippe. Parisians usually fill up the best restaurants around 8 pm (nearly every night of the week) so you do not want to find yourself without a reservation. I felt especially lucky to have a reservation at this Luxembourg Gardens-adjacent restaurant when I saw that they were turning away walk-ins. La Cuisine de Philippe is run by a lovely couple with the chef, Philippe himself, manning the kitchen and his wife taking care of business in the dining room.

Dining in Paris: Enjoy Heavenly Soufflé At La Cuisine de Philippe

While I very much enjoyed the seabass and seafood ravioli entrees at La Cuisine de Philippe, the star at this eatery was the soufflé. As appetizers, both the crab and lobster soufflé and cheese soufflé were heavenly. These puffed up cups of euphoria were both light and rich. Oh, but my soufflé extravaganza did not stop there. For dessert, I had the pistachio soufflé : a lovely blend of pistachio, eggs, and chocolate.

La Cuisine de Philippe4La Cuisine de Philippe3

In California, souffles are a rarity on restaurant menus and when they are found, the average chocolate soufflé is nothing to brag about. For that reason, I appreciated the unique experience I had at La Cuisine de Philippe for giving me a taste of a French specialty that I would never attempt at home and am seldom impressed by in restaurants. During my time in the restaurant, Philippe took a break from the kitchen to greet me as he did with every patron there that night. He shook my hand, introduced himself, and made a lasting impression. I appreciated the care both Philippe and his wife put into their work and their wonderful establishment.

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  1. Michelle F. says

    That looks so good. I have never had a savory souffle before.

  2. Samantha Angell says

    Oh you are making me miss my time in Paris so much! such an amazing city with so much to offer.

  3. Liz Mays says

    It does look like you were treated to an extraordinary meal. It all sounds absolutely wonderful, especially the souffle.

  4. Diana Villa says

    Looks so delicious! I’m hungry now lol. Thanks for the great post 😀

  5. Catherine S says

    The food looks really good. I have never tried a soufflé before, the chocolate one sounds amazing.

  6. carra d says

    Everything looks delicious.

  7. lisa jones says

    Who Would Of Thunk Chocolate & Eggs It Actually Looks So Yummy Would Love To Try!

  8. Melissa Smith says

    Everything looks so good! Even the fish that I wouldn’t normally eat.

  9. Heather says

    Looks delicious. I think its sad to say I’ve never had souffle, at least I don’t think so.

  10. HilLesha says

    Even though I’m a vegetarian, I must admit that looks wildly delicious! I bet it was good, too. 🙂

  11. Boonie says

    OMG The photos make these meals look so appealing <3 I can't believe it took so many attempts to eat here. Looks like it was very worth the wait. Thank you so much for sharing your dining experience with us.

  12. Gabby says

    Oh yum! The food looks delicious!

  13. Bonnie @ wemake7 says

    I love the first pic with brocolli. I love brocolli and really want to try that dish now.

  14. Jenny says

    sub the fish for chicken and i’m all over that 😛

  15. FamiGami says

    lol, croquet monsieur. That’s a phrase I haven’t heard since I was a kid! They’re chicken nuggets. The food looks great and the restaurant sounds very fancy!

  16. Vanessa says

    I was in France last year and really enjoyed my stay! My brother and I ate in the Latin Quarter often because it was fairly cheap. Our favorite and only expensive place we ate at was Angelina which was so incredibly good! You must visit during your next trip, there is one in Versailles and one near the Louvre. Also you must visit the musee du chocolat.

  17. Ann Bacciaglia says

    I have not tried a souffle before. This one looks very good. I would love to try a savory souffle for my first taste.

  18. Joanna Sormunen says

    Sounds like a great restaurant. I also like the personalized touch by the chef. And the food looks just divine!

  19. Chrissy says

    All of these dishes look so amazing! I am really loving the souffles!

  20. Patranila says

    I haven’t been to Paris in years but when I was there, I absolutely ate my way through the city. Best crepes ever. Yummy!

  21. Kath Rivera says

    Looks like a very hearthy meal! The food looks great and healthy too!

  22. Rosey says

    Pistachio souffle sounds delicious. I’d try this and I bet love it too.

  23. Elizabeth Copeland says

    The seafood ravioli sounds delicious! I have never tried a souffle and need to add it to my bucket list. Beautifully prepared/plated foods!

  24. Rebecca Swenor says

    I would so love to go to Paris one day. It is on my bucket list indeed. This food looks amazing. The pistachio soufflé looks and sounds amazing. Thanks for sharing.

  25. Amanda @ Adorkablii says

    The food looks amazing!!! If I were to travel I think trying new foods would be one of the most exciting things for me!! =D eheheh I love food! lol

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