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Roncato UNO ZSL – The Cabin Upright 4-Wheel Carry-on For All Your Travel Needs – Travel In Style!


Roncato UNO ZSL - The Cabin Upright 4-Wheel Carry-on For All Your Travel Needs – Travel In Style!In the market for a new suitcase or carry-on – then you must purchase a Roncato. Want something both light and roomy – capable of holding all your belongings? Look no further than Valigeria Roncato’s Uno ZSL from their Travel Collection. The bag is a spinner with 4-double wheels for effortless maneuverability and a comfortable extendable handle which is only 20 centimeters in depth but the capacity is 30 liters and 27 kg. I can also say that from my personal experience, it’s one of the best bags to have on hand when you’re traveling abroad. It’s difficult to find bags that have the capacity for all your luggage, but aren’t a pain to lug around. The Roncato is the best of both worlds, and it’s got such a wide array of features that truly make it a joy to use. My vacation was made more enjoyable with the use of this great carry-on.Ronca

Roncato has managed this because the UNO ZSL is the first suitcase created in Polycarbonate, so it’s strong, flexible, attractive and sturdy – and it also has a closing system with a TSA combination lock. If that sounds technical, it basically means that the bag is state-of-the-art and allows you security without having to worry about your lock getting broken by the TSA.

Roncato UNO ZSL - The Cabin Upright 4-Wheel Carry-on For All Your Travel Needs – Travel In Style!

Plus, it never looks dirty or worn – seriously. We took a one month long trip to Europe, and the bag traveled to Dublin, Prague, Budapest, and Rome, and guess what? It still looks brand new – like it did on the day we got it. There wasn’t a single scratch on the bag, despite the numerous security checks, lugging through taxis and airports, and banging around hotel rooms. The bag also has no difficulty with rolling, no matter how much you’ve packed into it. You want it sideways, it’ll go sideways. You want to run through the airport with it, no problem. Because it’s so light, it’s incredibly easy to swivel it around without having to make an effort like you do with most suitcases [and those awkward luggage carts]. Plus, the dual zippers can’t break or jam and there is no cloth that could rip. When you’re traveling abroad, there is nothing more annoying than having a suitcase that breaks or rips in the middle of your trip. And since I’m especially prone to breaking and/or ripping suitcases by trying to over-pack after a buying a billion vacation souvenirs, I was thankful for the Roncato’s ability to perform under pressure.

Roncato UNO ZSL - The Cabin Upright 4-Wheel Carry-on For All Your Travel Needs – Travel In Style!

In addition to Silver, the bag also comes in a variety of colors including Black and Red, so you can have your pick of the litter. As long as you don’t throw it into a swamp, it will retain its smooth and shiny surface – as we can attest. Overall, I would recommend this bag for long-term travel, short-term travel, and especially international travel. It was a pleasure to wheel around the airports and hotels and its flexible polycarb surface makes it a charm to pack. Furthermore, regardless of how much you put into your Roncata UNO ZSL carry-on it retains its standard regulation shape and size – the rule is simple, if you can close it then you can carry it onto any standard regulation flight! After using Roncato UNO ZSL I can attest that I would never travel without one again! Next trip we intend to try out the entire line of Roncato luggage.

Disclaimer: TMT received a Roncato Carry-on for review purposes.  Please note, all opinions expressed here are solely those of TMT and in no way those of this article’s sponsor. Items have not been exchanged as payment for the publishing of favorable opinions.

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  1. Pamela says

    I like bags with four wheels on the bottom, so much easier and more stable.

  2. Paula Schuck says

    You convinced me I need this brand soon. I like that it looks new still. That’s excellent. Also the wheels mean my back won’t hurt while schlepping it around airports.

  3. aimee fauci says

    This is the type of luggage my husband is begging for. I will have to show him.

  4. Amber Edwards says

    Oh those are such awesome bags! Sturdy and would really be great for traveling! I need some for our camping trip!

  5. DD says

    I really need new luggage. This looks like a great option.

  6. Kungphoo says

    they look indestructible.. we always are looking for good luggage since ours seem to break after 1 use.

  7. Anna says

    I really need to get new luggage. I like the four wheels on the bottom.

  8. Cory says

    My current set of luggage is probably well past its lifespan. This is a nice minimalist styled and seemingly durable option. Nice post!

  9. Jaime says

    I’ve been looking into new luggage the past couple of months. Mine is old and tired-looking, and my new job requires me to do more traveling.

  10. Mary Ann says

    I actually have those suitcases! I love them and they go everywhere with me!

  11. Chrissy says

    That looks so sturdy and great for vacationing. I need some new ones and will look into these.

  12. Samantha Angell says

    Looks nice! Luggage that rolls any way is so convenient for traveling- it is the only type I will purchase.

  13. espinelli says

    Cute! Everyone needs a good suitcase. Toss everything in and you’re travel ready! well, minus the TSA circus…

  14. Bonnie @ wemake7 says

    We don’t travel much but if and when we do I will have to check into this luggage. Thanks for sharing. =)

  15. Trista says

    I LOVE this luggage! Does it come in any other color?

  16. Julie says

    This looks like some great luggage! If I find myself in need in the future I will have to check these out.

  17. Liz Mays says

    I can’t believe it held up to the wear and tear luggage goes through. That’s a huge plus. My fabric bag looked horrible after its first trip through the airport.

    Also, I LOVE spinners!

  18. Amanda says

    This looks like great luggage! It looks like it would hold up very well!

  19. becca says

    Man I could have used this on my trip to L.A> this carry on rocks

  20. BusyBee says

    That looks great! And that it was a carry on is just perfect. What do you think about the wheels? The last one we had (NOT this brand) the wheels broke on the plane.

  21. FamiGami says

    The problem with these clamshell suitcases is that they break easily and don’t stand up to stress very well. Wonder if these break that trend?

  22. Veronica says

    So convenient. I would love one of those. Makes traveling so much better

  23. Michael says

    those suitcases look nice,that going on a prop plane? Not so much!

  24. Rupert Missick says

    Nice. I need to upgrade my luggage as we speak. I think I know what set I”m going to buy.

  25. Amy says

    I would love to own a luggage like this! Very lightweight and sleek!

  26. Mama to 5 BLessings says

    Our luggage is a hodge podge, I need new luggage for our up & coming trip. These look great!

  27. becka says

    This looks like a great luggage set! 🙂 I don’t go on many trips but I would think something like this would be great to have!

  28. Rosey says

    I love the look of that luggage! I saw it on twitter today and ooh and ahh’d over it. 🙂

  29. Brijdeep says

    looks so nice.. My husband totally needs a new one, so thanks for the information.. we travel a lot..

  30. Erin says

    This luggage looks awesome, I really need to invest in some better luggage.

  31. krystalskitsch says

    They look super durable! And, stylish of course!

  32. Ave says

    It’s good to know that it stays like a new for a long time. I really hate when my luggage gets dirty or scratched. I really want to buy a lugae that rolls sideways too, but haven’t found one I like yet.

  33. Heather says

    That’s one serious suitcase, and cute too!

  34. Sarah Bailey says

    I love the look of them! Sadly I’m not going anywhere that means I need a case, but I bet they stand out on the carousel 🙂 x

  35. Toni says

    OH that is some snazzy luggage. I need to check that brand out because I am looking for luggage.

  36. Amanda @ Growing Up Madison says

    That’s a really nice luggage set. I travel a lot and you’re only allowed a certain amount of pounds and this looks sorta heavy. How much does it actually weigh because I hate removing items to transfer to something else.

  37. Rach @ EazyPeazyMealz says

    I love good luggage. I have a bit of an obsession. Thanks for sharing. We travel so much and good luggage is a must!

  38. Boonie says

    You know, I was looking at luggage the other day. They look so pretty and professional! I don’t know when I’ll be traveling next, but it seems like having nice luggage inclines a person to travel more. Thank you for sharing this review.

  39. Tough Cookie Mommy says

    This luggage is really nice and looks durable too. I actually just purchased some carry on luggage for my trip to California in a couple of weeks.

  40. Janelle says

    What a great bag, I would love to have one of these.

  41. Allie says

    Those bags are perfect, they can take a beating and keep your personal items safe.

  42. Tess says

    That bag looks nice. I would love to have one.

  43. Rubbie Anne Abad says

    Now i know what i need for my travel this year! cant wait! thanks for the info’s!

  44. Pamela says

    Need something exactly like this, great design and practical.

  45. jane says

    very nice luggage! i’ve been wanting to have something like this but i always think that it would get some bruises since i bump my luggage a lot hehe

  46. Payal Bansal says

    Most of the bags I have got have 2 wheels… and I am sure, 4 wheels are definitely going to make thiese bags all the more convinient

  47. Michelle F. says

    That is some awesome looking luggage. It looks so sturdy too.

  48. Paula @ Frosted Fingers says

    I really like the looks of that luggage! I’m not sure it’ll work for me, because I like the give that I get with cloth luggage as I tend to squish it all in!

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