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Top 5 Craziest Things Confiscated by TSA


Airport SecurityI always hate starting stories with, “Back when I was a kid…” but, back when I was a kid there was a place to dispose of razors on airplanes. I always wondered who the heck was trying to shave on a plane and pictured wolf-man in there trying to freshen up before landing and rushing off to a business meeting.

Things are drastically different now, but that isn’t stopping people from trying to sneak odd items past the TSA. Here is a list of the Top 5 Craziest Contraband the TSA has Confiscated

1. Human Skulls – It was a bad day in Fort Lauderdale, Florida when passengers attempted to bring several clay pots aboard a flight. Human skull fragments were found inside the pots. The passengers claimed they had no idea they were smuggling human remains.

2. Mace – Not the kind you spray. A wooden stick with a chain attaching a large spiked metal ball was caught by the safety authority.

3. Throwing Stars – You have seen those awesome kung fu movies where ninjas toss around razor sharp stars. Those were actually quite common and, in one case, Batman was trying to sneak them on board. The TSA found 3 of these ninja weaponry in the shape of the Bat Signal.

4. Chainsaw – You can transport a chainsaw in your checked luggage, but someone missed the memo when the TSA had to stop a man from attempting to bring a gas chainsaw on board.

5. Live Eels – If you are a foodie fan, you might know that eels are delicious. However, they aren’t welcomed aboard your flight.

Runner Up: Cannonball – Believe it or not, a diver returning from his adventure in Florida tried to take his “souvenir” onto a plane. His coral covered cannonball forced the TSA to evacuate the airport and call in a bomb squad to dispose of it.

Fireworks, novelty swords and stun guns disguised as random objects like cell phones and lipsticks were also a popular items that passengers tried to sneak past security. (Lipstick taser!)

Be safe and smart out there. Check with the TSA and double check with every airport you will be stopping at if you have a special request.

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  1. MK says

    Live eels? Yikes, that’s so weird but doesn’t surprise me at all!

    1. BusyBee says

      Haha I was thinking the same thing! Who brings LIVE eels on a plane?? And where did they put them?

  2. DD says

    A chainsaw? Really? Wow, this is just crazy.

  3. Erin says

    Live eels is definitely a weird one, how do they keep them alive?

  4. Jocelyn says

    They are so underrated! I can’t imagine having their job!

  5. Robyn says

    Really, a chainsaw? What are people thinking?

  6. Jenen says

    Okay who travels with a chainsaw? I mean come on……loonies, loonies everywhere!

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