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Universal Studios Orlando’s Harry Potter Special Announcement is…


Universal Studios Orlando's Harry Potter Special Announcement is...

Universal Studios Orlando teased a “special announcement” aimed at fans of Harry Potter. Cryptic messages of “Who says lightning doesn’t strike twice?” began on August 12th and “Clear your schedule for post-holiday travel!” followed on the 13th via Twitter, sending fans into a frenzy of guessing.

Who says lightning doesn’t strike twice?” was used as the tag for the expansion of the Wizarding World of Harry Potter – Diagon Alley, so theories about another expansion announcement made an appearance, but were shot down. Diagon Alley opened July 8th 2014, making an addition confirmation very unlikely.

So, Universal Studios Orlando Florida’s “special announcement” is…

Universal Studios Orlando's Harry Potter Special Announcement is...

A Celebration of Harry Potter” will run from January 30 to February 1, 2015. Exclusive vacation packages will be offered starting August 21st 2014. Those lucky muggles who jump on the opportunity will get:

  • An exclusive Q&A session with select Harry Potter film talent
  • An evening event in The Wizarding World of Harry Potter – Diagon Alley and The Wizarding World of Harry Potter – Hogsmeade
  • Breakfast at the Three Broomsticks in The Wizarding World of Harry Potter – Hogsmeade (one per person)
  • Reserved seating for select Celebration events
  • A specially themed Welcome Parcel
  • Complimentary commemorative merchandise item

Packages sold out within days last year. If you are interested, it is highly recommended you act quickly.

For those who were hoping for more Harry Potter, don’t be sad. The park is growing with locations in California, due to open in 2016. Don’t rule out another expansion for Orlando’s flagship world. Nothing has been confirmed, but theories don’t rule out future additions.

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  1. R U S S says

    Ooooh. I must go to Universal Studios again. Harry Potter just opened in Japan, too. I’m a little bummed out because I was in Japan second week of March and few weeks after that I read that they opened Harry Potter.

    This one’s going to be a huge hit. I’m pretty sure of that considering how a lot of people are big fans of HP.

  2. Roch says

    Whoa, this is such great news to all Harry Potter fans. The Q&A session will last how long?

  3. Diana Villa says

    wow! So excited, I’m a big fan of Harry Potter 😀 . Thank you so much for the great post

  4. Kath Rivera says

    Wow, does this Harry Potter thing also happen on other Universal Studios? or it is solely at US. I want to go there and experience Harry Potter! This is very exciting to all potterheads 🙂

  5. Catherine S says

    My family and I would love to attend this event. We are huge Harry Potter fans. I can’t wait to check out Diagon Alley!!

  6. Ronda Ogilvie says

    I know many people who would love this! I have never gotten into Harry Potter, but I will share this for all my friends who love it!!

  7. Dawn says

    This is so awesome! I love Harry Potter. I can’t wait to visit Diagon Alley!

  8. Margarita Ibbott says

    I would just LOVE to visit Universal Studios with my kids. We are huge Harry Potter fans! 🙂

  9. Christine Topley says

    I have not been the universal Studios in years (many many moos ago) I would give anything to get back there. So many new attractions and things to do!! First place I would go is Diagon Alley!!!

  10. Nancy says

    Wooo… So excited!!!! 🙂

  11. Bonnie @ wemake7 says

    Wow! That is so exciting! We love Harry Potter. Thanks for sharing this news.

  12. Mrs. Mashed Up says

    Wow, based on how popular this was when it opened, I can see that a bunch of nerds are going to lose their minds! LOL It does look cool in person.

  13. Maria Oller says

    I’ma huge Harry Potter fan so are my kids and we are already planing a vacation and visiting diagon alley again!

  14. Ann Bacciaglia says

    What a fun event for Harry Potter fans! I will tell my friends and I agree, this event will sell out fast/

  15. Amanda Love says

    I have yet to go to Universal Studios Orlando but I do know when I do go this is one that I so want to see being a huge Harry Potter Fan.

  16. Rebecca Swenor says

    This sounds amazing. My family love Harry Potter movies. Thanks for sharing.

  17. Carolyn says

    How exciting. I’m more of a Disney girl but once my children get into Harry Potter I am sure things like this will be priority around here! Thanks for the great info!

  18. Erin says

    My boyfriend’s company rented Harry Potter World for a night a few months ago and it was so much fun! They were still working on Diagon Alley, so we weren’t able to go there, but that just means we have a reason to go back!

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