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Family-Friendly Airports and Airlines



Family-friendly airports and airlines sounds like mythical places parents with a case of wanderlust dreamed up. While most airports and airlines are designed with efficiency and lure for the average business traveler in mind, there are several airports lines that offer a few kid-friendly factors to help those roaming families.

When flying with families, you must consider the fact the responsibility varies between both the airport and the airline. While cheaper lines with an a la carte attitude save you tons of money, they will offer less perks for travelers generally speaking. Conversely, some airports offer family-friendly features, but they are limited to the airline within the terminal.

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JetBlue – The airline offers in-flight entertainment including movies, TVs in every seat with kid-favorite channels, and snacks that little ones will love. JetBlue has also teamed up with Soar With Reading and PBS KIDS to offer free Reading Activities you can print out and take on your next family trip. JFK is JetBlue’s flagship port, so you’ll find tons of fun for families with children like a “Wooftop” that provides an semi-outdoor park feel for little ones to enjoy space.

Virgin Atlantic – For those longer hauls, you can take advantage of perks like infant bassinets that you must pre-book to use. Plus, kid packs include a book, magazine, watch, and pencil for your tots to pass the time. If you have special diets or picky eaters, you can also pre-book special children’s meals.


Chicago O’Hare – “Kids on the Fly” playground in Terminal 2 near gate F1 is a sanity-saver in one of the busiest airports in America. Thanks to the Windy City’s weather, this area will be vital in keeping your tot entertained during delays. Terminal 5 near gate M12, families can enjoy a fire safety exhibit designed with a focus on children. Also, families won’t want to miss the giant dinosaur skeleton in B concourse of Terminal 1.

San Francisco – The SFO Kids Spot, created by the city’s famous Exploratorium, will be an amazing treat for families. The spot located at Terminal 3 near gate 87A features a play area with displays, activities, and a popular Plasma Wall which is activated by sounds.

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Most airports and airlines offer some sort of family-friendly option. These are just a few of the prime picks for families, but these locations have benefits catering to families: Philadelphia, Detroit Metro, Dallas Fort Worth, and Portland. Google your chosen airline for more info on perks that you might miss out on without a little research.

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  1. Michele says

    Trying to keep kids occupied when waiting to get on a plane or train or even a bus can be a frustrating time. It is good to know that the above airlines recognize this and have attempted to do something about it.

  2. Heather Johnson says

    Great information for families! I have never flown with kids and never plan to, but I know so many people do.

  3. Karen Hartzell (@InTheKitchenKP) says

    What great info for people flying for the holidays. I always try and make sure we have electronics charged at the ready for both kids just in case they need to be occupied by delays, etc.

  4. Brandy M. says

    We have yet to travel with our children but know we will soon. I’ve never even thought about needing to check airlines to see if they are family friendly but I can see now that it can really help.

  5. MyTeenGuide says

    Traveling with small kids can really be stressful. It’s good to know that there are family friendly airports and airlines.

  6. Jes says

    This is so good to know for those longer flights. We normally fly about 2 hours so we love Southwest for that!

  7. Liz Mays says

    I didn’t realize there were a couple airports with lifesaving areas for parents. Waiting is HARD!

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