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Traveling Tips – 7 Important Skills for Any Trip or Adventure

Etiquette Tips for Americans Traveling to Foreign Places

You can spend hours, days, and even weeks planning a vacation or your trip abroad, but you can’t predict everything that will happen. To be ready for anything life throws your way make sure you have these traveling tips – 7 important skills for any trip and adventure.

1. Know the language.

You don’t have to fluently speak French to visit France, but know some of the local language will be incredibly useful. Knowing how to say please and thank you will be polite and appreciated, but having a grasp of the language could prove vital in an emergency.

2. Know where the embassy is.

Knowing where to find the nearest embassy will be a saving grace if you lose your passport or your safety becomes jeopardized. Locate it on day one of your trip and hope you don’t have to stop there.

3. Know how to drive a manual vehicle.

The automatic transmission is pretty standard around America, but abroad it’s a different story. You may not be left with an option and only have a stick shift transport. Make sure you are comfortable driving a manual transmission just in case.

4. Know how to change a tire.

In addition to being able to drive a stick, make sure you can change a tire. Being stranded can be a dangerous situation. Knowing how to fix the problem and get moving can eliminate your sitting-duck situation.

5. Know how to swim.

You may hate the water and have no plans to so much as visit a beach, but you never know when circumstances push you into unplanned events. This skill could prove life-saving.

6. Know how to haggle.

Shopping is a huge part of travel. Put these tips and techniques for haggling to good use to ensure you don’t get ripped off.

7. Basic first aid.

Accidents happen on vacation. Know how to treat severe sunburns, recognize the signs of a heart attack, stroke, and heat exhaustion, and perform CPR and the Heimlich maneuver – at minimum.

What are tips and tricks you think are vital for traveling? Is there something you do to ensure an easy and safe trip? Share in the comments below!