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3 BIG Reasons You Shouldn’t Use Your Debit Card While Traveling


There is so much to worry about when traveling. From timing your trip to staying safe, every factor in planning your vacation is important. Money can be at the top of your stressors, so here are 3 big reasons you shouldn’t use your debit card while traveling. Maybe you can eliminate the financial woes by being aware of these common issues.

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Hotels are usually the biggest culprit when it comes to putting “holds” on your card. Some accommodations use this practice as a security deposit measure. A set amount of funds, usually hovering in the hundred dollar range, are “held” on your card meaning the money isn’t taken out, but you can’t access it. Typically, 3 to 5 business days after you have checked out, the funds are released back to your card. For the traveler on a strict budget – this is a huge issue. Try using your credit card to book rooms with hotels that put holds on your finances and immediately pay off the amount by making a payment to your card.

Double-Charges and Theft

Mistakes happen and it’s not uncommon for double-charges or other oversights to happen. Theft is another problem we can try to avoid, but can’t always escape. When this happens with the bank, it becomes harder to fight. Most credit card companies will be more accommodating to disputing the charge and do the leg work for you.

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Transaction Fees

With most banks, you can rack up fees that range from ATM fees to foreign transaction fees. Do a little research on what credit cards offer freebies that debit cards won’t. Most credit card companies have stronger travel perks like cash back, travel reward programs, or miles you can rack up.

As always, make sure you pay off anything you opt to put on a credit card to avoid financial temptation to use credit and dig yourself into debt. Don’t always rule out debit cards. There are some great banking options out there, too.