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Disney Magic Cruise: The Amazing Benefits of the Concierge Package – Travel in VIP Style

Disney Magic Cruise: The Amazing Benefits of the Concierge Package - Travel in VIP StyleDisney Cruises are a once in a lifetime kind of vacation, and when my daughter Robyn and I were planning our trip this year – we wanted to make sure we made the most of it and went all out and booked Concierge on the Disney Magic. And, now that we are home, I can honestly say that it made our Disney Cruise that much more amazing, and I couldn’t have imagined it any other way.

A lot of travelers are hesitant to pay the extra money for the Concierge package – but I can honestly say that the luxuries and peace of mind it gave Robyn and I during our cruise with my 3 year old granddaughter Ava far exceeded the cost of the upgrade. If you are embarking on a Disney Cruise in the near future, here are just a few reasons that going Concierge will make your trip that much more enjoyable.

Headache And Hassle Free

If you have taken any cruises in the past, then you know that check-in day can be a nightmare. And, if you survive it – you usually need at least 12 hours of solitude in your room to recuperate. Thanks to Disney Cruise Line’s Concierge, my daughter and I were able to check in smoothly without any luggage drama or crowds. And, we had my 3 year old granddaughter with us – so it was a lifesaver! Upon arrival the Concierge hosts quickly took us under their wings and led us to a private and mellow lobby while we waited for the other passengers to check in. One of the hosts met with us individually to go over the itinerary we had booked – and they even double-checked to make sure we didn’t want to add any more activities.

VIP Lounge

Disney Magic Cruise: The Amazing Benefits of the Concierge Package - Travel in VIP Style

On Disney Cruise Line ‘Magic,’ the Concierge guests actually have access to their own private lounge – which is open every day from 7:00 AM – 10:00 PM. Every time we walked in to the lounge one of the hosts were there at our beck and call, with unlimited refreshments and snacks. At night my daughter Robyn and I would head down to the lounge for cocktail hour, (me for the cocktails and Robyn who is pregnant for the juice) and relax before we turned in for the night. Our Concierge host Julia was heaven-sent, she would actually keep an eye on my granddaughter Ava and keep her busy with crafts while Robyn and I enjoyed some adult time. The other Concierge host Andy was also super sweet, and they even gave Ava a ‘Frozen’ doll before we left!

The Rooms – Obviously

Disney Magic Cruise: The Amazing Benefits of the Concierge Package - Travel in VIP StyleThe amount you pay when upgrade to Concierge on a Disney Cruise Line alone doesn’t even cover the actual value of the room that you will be placed in. When Robyn, Ava, and I were shown to our room on the Magic – I was literally speechless for a moment. I was truly in awe as to how they manage to fit such a massive room on the ship and still have space for the other guests. We were spoiled with multiple TV’s, enough room for up to 5 guests to sleep comfortably, and the most beautiful and bright décor I have ever saw on a cruise. Not to mention, we took our trip right before the holidays and decided to have our Concierge room decorated floor to ceiling with festive Christmas decorations for a small extra cost.

Service Like No Other

I have been on many different cruises through various companies – I can honestly say that the Concierge service on the Disney Cruise topped them all. Obviously every employee on the ship is going to be polite and go out of their way to help guests – but the Concierge hosts went above and beyond. They knew us all by name, took genuine interest in our daily activities, and even helped us out with my 3 year old granddaughter. At first I just thought it was because she was cute – but then I realized we weren’t the only ones getting the “special treatment.” When you go Concierge you’re basically getting a guide, personal assistant, and friend all wrapped in to one.

The Coveted Cabana

Disney Magic Cruise: The Amazing Benefits of the Concierge Package - Travel in VIP Style

When you begin booking your Disney Cruise, you get lists and photos of all of the activities and excursions available on the trip. Then you have a very small window to go online and book the items you want on your family’s itinerary. And, everyone rushes to book a Cabana in Castaway Cay. Sadly, the Cabanas are limited and highly sought after – and the odds of you being one of the tiny percentage of cruisers that actually get one are slim to none. However, if you sail Concierge – you are all but guaranteed a Cabana. And, trust me once you see these Cabanas, that reason alone will be enough to make you want to upgrade. Obviously the Cabana is important, but it is also not the only thing that the Concierge hosts will make sure they get booked for you. You actually can bypass booking them online and just send the Concierge a list of items you want on your itinerary and they will see to it that it is booked for you.

Free Internet

I promise you no matter how amazing your cell phone provider is – once you get out in the middle of the ocean you will not have service, or internet. That’s where the Cruise’s internet comes in to play, and if you aren’t sailing Concierge you could receive a hefty data bill when you leave the ship. We received 50 MB of free internet as a perk of sailing Concierge, and my daughter Robyn and I managed to stretch it the majority of our trip.

VIP Sundeck

The only thing more crowded on a cruise than the dining area is the sundeck(s). After a few days on the ocean, everyone tends to get a bit stir crazy and could use some fresh air. But, enjoying some fresh air can get just as overwhelming if the sundeck is full of people. And, that is why the Concierge sundeck on the ‘Magic’ was ne f my all-time favorite places to hide out on our trip. There was a private sundeck just for Concierge travelers, and you could only get to it with your Concierge key card. I spent quite a few hours up there with my granddaughter Ava – sight-seeing and enjoying the salty breeze.

Private Visits

DSC_0582If you are taking a Disney Cruise, then you are probably bringing at least one kid along with you – and that means you will get a front-row to seat to the chaos that will ensue every time one of your kids favorite Disney characters pops up for a meet and greet. Although it’s not set in stone, a character usually stops by the Concierge lounge for a much more private meet and greet. Ava got to spend some quality time with Mickey Mouse and she loved every minute of it!

Gift To Go

On top of the Anna doll that our Concierge hosts generously gave my granddaughter – we also received a gift as we were leaving. We received an adorable personalized picture of ‘Don Ducky Williams’ right before we left the Disney Cruise, and it is a perfect keepsake to commemorate our amazing mother and daughter trip.