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The Peanuts Movie Lite Brix Collections – A Flying Ace Snoopy Giveaway!


Lite-Brix-PeanutsThe holidays are always a magical time, and our family’s holidays have been extra magical thanks to the Peanuts gang. Our home has been filled with Peanuts Christmas memorabilia, trips to the theater to see the premiere of the 3D Peanuts Movie, and of course several viewings of Charlie Brown’s Christmas special. The holidays might be winding down, but that doesn’t mean that the magic has to stop! This year my nephew Jayden received a Peanuts Movie Lite Brix – and his face lit up like a Christmas tree when he opened it, he has been playing with the Snoopy toy non-stop ever since!

The Peanuts Movie Lite Brix comes from the geniuses at Lego – and is an easy to assemble Lego creation that one put together displays the Flying Ace Snoopy, his pal Charlie Brown, and of course his little yellow pal Woodstock. What sets the Lite Brix toys aside from other Lego kits is that they are battery operated and actually light up once they are put together!

In honor of Peanuts’ anniversary and the premiere of the official 3D Peanuts movie, Lite Brix unrolled an entire collection of Peanuts toys. Besides the Flying Ace Snoopy – you could also pick up the Lemonade Stand, Skating Pond, Baseball Game, and School Dance. My nephew wants to collect all of them so that he can put together an entire light-up Lego Peanuts Village!

We all know that Snoopy flies like a pro, so the Peanuts Movie Lite Brix also comes with foam propellers for the Flying Ace. One of the awesome things about the Lite Brix collection is that it is compatible with other Lego pieces – which my nephew has a ton of – so he has been mixing and matching them and building on to the beagle’s dog house. Snoopy’s flying dog house is starting to look more like a flying three story mansion!

My family is obsessed with Snoopy, Charlie Brown, and all things Snoopy – so my nephew was thrilled when his new toy began playing the official “Linus And Lucy” song, which he of course knew by heart. Since he opened his Lite Brix on Christmas morning and put it together, he has been leaving it on in his bedroom as a nightlight. It didn’t come with batteries, however it surprisingly doesn’t drain the juice in the ones that we put in it. My nephew has been rocking with the same AAA batteries for a week now – and he plays with it non-stop, and leaves it on over night.

Just because the holidays are winding down – doesn’t mean that you have to wait until next year to gift one of your little ones the Peanuts Movie Lite Brix Flying Ace Snoopy. The awesome toy is actually very affordable and retails for around $24.99 at major stores and on Amazon. But, we are going to give away one for free to one of our lucky readers. It will make a perfect late Christmas gift, or even a “just because” gift for one of the die-hard Snoopy fans in your family. If you want to win your own Peanuts Movie Lite Brix, don’t forget to enter in to the giveaway below!


Prize: (1)Peanuts-Flying-Ace : Peanuts Movie Lite Brix Flying Ace Snoopy

Rules: Giveaway is open to US and CANADA, ages 18+ years of age .

The giveaway ends on 01/14/16.

Simply follow the Rafflecopter entry form below for your chance to win. Be sure to return tomorrow to complete the daily entries. It takes a bit of time for the Rafflecoppter to come up, so don’t rush away :-)

a Rafflecopter giveaway

After you enter the giveaway you can keep track of Snoopy and the rest of the Peanuts gang on social media by checking out @Snoopy or @Snoopygrams.

DisclosureI am a Peanuts Brand Ambassador and was provided with gifts as a participant in this promotion. The opinions in this post are 100% mine.

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  1. Anne Taylor says

    If I were lucky enough to win I would give this to my grandson!

  2. Erin Ellis says

    I would give it to my daughters. They would LOVE it! Thank you for the wonderful giveaway.

  3. DebP says

    I would give it to my niece. She’d love it!

  4. kayla bowe says

    If i won i would give it to my children, they love peanuts.

  5. Crystal Mckinley says

    I’d build this with my kids! It looks fun, we have one other lite brix set!

  6. Amy Heffernan says

    If i won my son and I would play with this! Thanks!

  7. Dogvills says

    What a cute toy. My twin granddaughters will love this.

  8. Michelle Ward says

    I would share it with my husband and kids because we all love the Peanuts.

  9. Cheryl Rahkonen says

    If I won, I would give the Dancing Snoopy to my grandson.

  10. Nena Sinclair says

    If I win the Dancing Snoopy, I would give it to my granddaughter for her birthday, which is in a few weeks. She would love this!!

  11. Angelica Dimeo says

    I would give it to my kids to play with

  12. Tee Trimble says

    I would give it to my nephew, who is also my Godson.

  13. April monty says

    I’d play with it with my grandsons,they’d love it!

  14. Tina says

    I collect peanuts. I would add it to my collection and when our grandkids come over we would play with him.

  15. Cassandra Eastman says

    I would give this to my 6 year old if I won. He would love that it lights up and he is a huge Peanuts fan!

  16. Rosey says

    My son is a big Snoopy fan too. I’m glad because I’ve loved the Peanuts my whole life. 🙂

  17. Laura J says

    Oh I would give it to our little one….he is in love with Snoopy…he would have so much fun with this!

  18. Robyn Bellefleur says

    I would give this to my daughter. She loves the Peanuts gang.

  19. Candace Galan-Calderon says

    Give it to my son!

  20. Lisa Williams says

    I would give it to my little niece and nephew,they love all things Snoopy,so do I so I would love to watch them enjoy this and play with them.

  21. Rija says

    It will be a great gift for my kids,we all love Snoopy !

  22. Natalie Brown says

    If I won this awesome toy, I would give it to my three year old grandson. He would love it! Thank-you. 🙂

  23. Carlee C says

    I am definitely entering this giveaway! I have a Little Guy that would absolutely love to have this set, we love Snoopy!

  24. Bailey Dexter says

    I would love to spend fun time with my grandson playing with this one!

  25. Christy Caldwell says

    I would give Dancing Snoopy to my youngest son and we would have a ball with him. Thanks bunches.

  26. Robin says

    If I won, I would give it to my niece. She would love it.

  27. Charity Cram says

    I would give it to my nephew, his birthday is in a couple months. Thank you for the chance to win!

  28. desiree says

    first i check it out then my gransson would get it he love them and he disabled and mentally in kindergarden but in 5th grade

  29. Maria Sarmento says

    I would give it to my kids, they are 4 and 7 and love the Peanuts!!!

  30. robyn donnelly says

    I would give to my boyfriend because he likes unique items and especially snoopy anything.

  31. Jeanette Jackson says

    I would give this to my grandson for his birthday in March.

  32. Annmarie W says

    I would give this to my niece…she would love it!

  33. Jennifer Ann Wilson says

    I would share it with my grandchildren.

  34. April says

    i have a little one that would love it.

  35. patricia delgado says

    I would give it to my children we are all big Peanuts fans!

  36. Laura says

    Give it to my kids!

  37. Katherine Riley says

    I love the night light idea. I would give it to my granddaughter.

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