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5 Locations To Experience and Relive Your Favorite TV Shows


5 Locations To Experience and Relive Your Favorite TV ShowsEven the most fanatical, die-hard couch potato has to stretch their legs every now and then. Why not consider a vacation getaway to the scenic locales where your favorite tv shows are filmed? Here are a few of the best on-scene locations of some of your favorite onscreen locations!


5 Locations To Experience and Relive Your Favorite TV Shows
Reflections in the window front of the Maritim Hotel in Berlin-Mitte, Friedrichstraße

Season five saw Carrie Mathison relocate to historic Berlin, Germany. Visitors to this bustling cosmopolitan city have plenty of exciting show locales to visit: Peter Quinn’s hideout on Revaler Strasse, Café Godot, or Monbijoupark where you never know which superspy you’ll bump into! For a picture-perfect Homeland, experience check into the Maritim Hotel Berlin. This is the exact location of Carrie and Otto’s Lebanon hotel from the second episode!


5 Locations To Experience and Relive Your Favorite TV Shows
The Dimmuborgir area is composed of various volcanic caves and rock formations, Iceland

Watch out for White Walkers if you set down in Iceland for a little Game of Thrones action! In this white wonderland, you’ll follow in the footsteps of the Wildling people and maybe catch sight of a dragon or two. GOT has filmed on location in Iceland since its second season. Would you like to view the lava fields of Dimmuborgir, and Grjótagjá up close and personal? How about a look at Jon Snow and Ygritt’s loved-up lava cave? After sightseeing, you have the option of sinking into the one of Iceland’s famous hot springs, like the Mývatn Nature Baths.


5 Locations To Experience and Relive Your Favorite TV Shows
Cityscape of Inverness, Scotland in a beautiful summer day, United Kingdom

Where: Inverness, Scotland – Fans of Claire and Jaime’s passage through the Scottish Highlands will want to start their explorations in Inverness. This is where the story first began as Claire and her husband sought to retrace Frank’s Scottish ancestry. Next, plan to take in Clava Cairns, the enigmatic location that inspired Outlander’s Craigh na Dun. Would you like to follow in your favorite character’s footsteps? Hardcore fans can discover their own Scottish roots at the famous Highland Archive Center!


5 Locations To Experience and Relive Your Favorite TV Shows
View of Downtown Fort Worth from the Trinity River

Preacher fans need look no farther than Fort Worth, Texas for signs of enigmatic, possessed Jesse Custer. The show takes place in fictional Annville, Texas, but Fort Worth has the look, feel, and spirit of the show’s shadowy comic-book based roots. The old west atmosphere is alive and well here, with visitors treated to twice-daily cattle drives at the Fort Worth Stockyards National Historic District. Don’t forget to quench your thirst at the Acre Distilling Co., where the Hell’s Half Acre rum is a must drink for hardcore fans!


5 Locations To Experience and Relive Your Favorite TV Shows
Downtown of Oklahoma City – morning time.

Trendsetters who want to get ahead of the curve can get in on the all of the action for Bravo’s newest Housewives show by jetting off for Oklahoma City. Yes, the franchise’s latest installment is headed to the infamous Bible Belt! Titled, “Sweet Home Oklahoma,” loyal fans can follow in the ladies’ foodie footsteps by hitting up Café Kacao, Bleu Garten, and Cultivar Mexican Kitchen. Bon appetito!

Do you have any favorite television shows you would like to visit?  Let us know in the comments below!

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  1. Debra says

    I would love to go see where Outlander films – the country is so beautiful! I work in NYC and get to see lots of filming for both TV and movies here – in fact yesterday I saw two different productions shooting in my work neighborhood!

  2. Bill Sweeney says

    Game of Thrones is the best show I’ve ever seen. Period. I’d love the chance to see some of its filming locales.

  3. Jen Rattie says

    I wold love to visit Trinity! Preacher is one of the best shows to come on television in a long time. It’s got the vibe of the comic, and the cast is superb.

  4. Mandee says

    I’d love to go to Scotland! It looks absolutely stunning and I can only imagine what it would be like in person. It would be such a memorable trip. The fact that Outlander is set there is a bonus.

  5. Pam Wattenbarger says

    Those look like some wonderful places to visit! I know we’ve done the Atlanta Movie tours and I didn’t realize so many were filmed in Atlanta.

  6. Amanda Love says

    I sure would love to visit the locations for Game of Thrones. It’s shot in the most lovely places. I think it’s awesome to see where our favorite shows are shot.

  7. Cacinda says

    I don’t really watch any of these show but I would love to visit the world of my favorite shows. That would be a great way to pick my next travel destination.

  8. Dawn McAlexander says

    These all look like great places to visit. I would love to see them all. I don’t watch any of the shows that you listed, but I like the looks of the sites where they are filmed!

  9. Rachel Ferrucci says

    This is going to date us but when my husband and I went to Hawaii I got us to the Robin’s Nest and we actually went into the backyard (beach) and went into the tidal pool. It was so cool!

  10. Toni | Boulder Locavore says

    Oh wow! These are amazing places to visit! I will absolutely add each of these to our bucket list!

  11. Seattle Travel Blogger says

    Wow, what an unique post! I really like the way you pair up the show to the specific destination to visit. The pictures are fabulous.

  12. Louise Bishop says

    I honestly have to say that I don’t watch any of these. Shoot, I’m so behind on life, it feels like now, haha.

  13. Rosey says

    We just got cable. We haven’t had it for over a year. Now time to catch up. 🙂

  14. Our family world says

    ’Tis the season for reruns while we wait for our favorite shows to start up again. Don’t spend the next few months vegging out on the couch; put down the remote and book a ticket to one of these screen-worthy destinations that will bring your favorite TV shows to life.

  15. Shannon Gurnee says

    I don’t watch any of these shows, but if you do, they would definitely be fun to visit and relive! I remember watching Northern Exposure and checking out the spots in Washington where it was filmed. That was really cool!

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