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Commonly Forgotten Travel Discounts

Commonly Forgotten Travel DiscountsWith coupons and third-party travel websites promising unbelievable pricing, it’s easy to forget these commonly forgotten travel discounts. You can save money traveling without having to use aggregators and get discounts they can’t offer!

Student Discount

If you’re working towards a degree or just continuing your studies, you have the opportunity to score major discounts that aren’t just limited to travel. Contact your school, do a general google search of hotels, rentals, or restaurants that offer student discounts. And don’t stop there! I’m actually saving a decent amount on my cell phone bill thanks to my student status.

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Senior Citizen’s Discount

It’s not just for restaurants! You can get great rates thanks to your less risky status. (Although, I tip my hat to those rock start senior citizens who still enjoy a nice rave.) The best bet is to ask or do a general search for discounts.

Repeat Customer Discount

If you are brand-loyal or just like a certain travel hot spot, mention it when you’re booking. Hotels especially love customer loyalty. Some hoteliers will even ask if you stayed at their hotel before. It’s a mutually beneficial relationship where they get a repeat customer and you get exclusive discounts while eliminating the costly middleman of a third-party website.


You’re paying for the privilege, don’t forget to use the perks! The not-for-profit federation of affiliated motor clubs in North America provides roadside assistance, insurance, and other benefits like some special negotiated prices. Third-party travel websites don’t include the AAA rate, so you’ll have to dig for that option on your own and it will likely be worth it!

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Receipts/Ticket Stubs

Don’t forget the small stuff either! Check the bottom of your receipts when you make purchases while traveling. This is an opportunity to nab the elusive Disney discount! For example, when you shop at a Disney restaurant, check the bottom of your receipt for coupons for Disney stores. Don’t be surprised if the same holds true for your Disney store purchases for restaurants.

Do you have an overlooked travel discount opportunity? Please share your tips in the comment section below. Saving money during your trip will help you save money for your next adventure.

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