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Brad Pitt Opening a Hotel – Stay at the Star’s Croatian Location

Brad Pitt Opening a Hotel – Stay at the Star’s Croatian Location

I love travel news like this! Brad Pitt is opening a hotel and you can stay at the star’s Croatian location that will be a luxury getaway. The resort is still in development, but rumors are swirling about Pitt’s hotel already!

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The ‘World War Z’ actor is heavily investing in a resort to be located in a small town of Croatia, Zablance. Billions are being spend on this new business venture that will include a golf course, several bars, restaurants, and high-end boutiques. Guests will have plenty chances to spend money while they stay at Brad Pitt’s hotel and resort which has a working title of “Barabriga.”

In addition to luxe shopping, dining, and drinking, rumors state that a healthy clinic and school are also in the plans for Pitt’s resort. It sounds like it’s own mini-city! Brad has reportedly employed highly-respected Croatian architect Nikola Bašić to helm the design of his new investment. Rest assured, People’s sources state that the project is “a modern ecologically-responsible planned community.”

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The current price tag for Brad Pitt’s hotel project is said to be $2.5 billion. That means you’ll likely be paying a pretty penny for the bragging rights of staying at Brad Pitt’s place. Lets not forget this isn’t Brad Pitt’s first real estate rodeo. His Make It Right Foundation helped to rebuild hundreds of homes after the destruction of Hurricane Katrina. It sounds like the goal of Brad Pitt’s Croatian community will be to aid the people of beautiful country in addition to adding hotelier to his resume.

What do you think of Brad Pitt’s new hotel? How much would pay to stay at Brad Pitt’s place? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.

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