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Disney Makes MAJOR Change to Character Meet and Greet

Disney Makes MAJOR Change to Character Meet and GreetDisney fans can rejoice in this news! Disney has made a MAJOR change to character meet and greets experiences. Disney Makes MAJOR Change to Character Meet and GreetMickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, and even Donald Duck fans can now enjoy a more immersive experience with the favorite Disney characters.

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Disney California Adventure took the plunge in debuting a Disney character encounter in which Mickey spoke. That’s right! Some characters are no longer mute with the traditional hug and wave. Mickey, Minnie, and Donald were the 3 debut Disney characters who engaged in conversation with park-goers. Before this quiet launch of a new Disney experience, the principal characters were not allowed to speak. Generally, Princesses and fellow human or human-like characters could speak, but fully costumed and masked characters like the main star, Mickey, were not allowed to speak.

That rule appears to be changing and in a drastic way. Not only are the beloved Disney classic characters allowed to speak, they will speak in several different languages. The mice and duck can even do magic tricks (it is the Magic Kingdom after all)! You’ll need to look for this specific speak Mickey Mouse can be found at Magic Kingdom’s Town Square Theatre.

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Currently, Disney is still testing this new change to character meet and greets. You won’t likely see this in an official schedule until the brand works out the details and meticulously tries out the experience. Disney is notorious for attention to details.

As past cast members have revealed the company is very protective of the “magic” that makes the brand so special. For example, employees must remain in character no matter what as long as they are on the clock and inside the park, a character can’t be in two places at once (i.e. Mickey Mouse can’t be in Frontierland and Liberty Square at the same time), and no cast member is allowed to answer a question with the words, “I don’t know.”


Disney Makes MAJOR Change to Character Meet and Greet

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