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Revealed: The 5 Best Destination Weddings


Revealed: The 5 Best Destination WeddingsDestination weddings are becoming more and more popular these days, and for good reason. If you happen to be in the midst of planning your big day, you might want to give this a little thought. Hosting your upcoming nuptials in a foreign land is not only a great excuse for a vacation, but it will also make the event extra special.

Of course, you quite literally have a world of places from which to choose, so where should you begin? Well, we’re here to help. We’ve spent the time searching to find you only the most romantic destinations. Here are five of the best places to host your wedding day.

  1. Jamaica

It’s hard to look at the white-sand beaches and dramatic landscapes of Jamaica without feeling a little romantic. Jamaica may not be on the top of your destination list, but it is ours. There are oh-so-many all-inclusive resorts here, which means that you and your wedding guests can live like kings and queens. If you want to wed on this fair isle, you will need to be there for a day before the wedding, show your passports and pay a $50 fee. Bargain, right?

  1. Aruba

 This tiny yet utterly scenic island is certain to offer sun, fun, and a whole load of atmosphere. Make no mistakes, Aruba is one of the liveliest places you will ever have the pleasure of visiting. If you take a little time to do some research online, you will find that there are a whole load of wedding package deals that you can get. You can either choose to go with an independent wedding planner or opt for a deal. Stuck for where to choose? San Nicolaas is the island’s second largest city and is simply brilliant.

  1. Hawaii

Over the years, Hawaii has become more and more popular with wedding parties. When you take a look at this beautiful place, it’s 100% clear why. From dramatic mountains and cliffs to gorgeous beaches, there’s something for everyone here. Why not opt for a hula-themed wedding complete with costumes? You and your party will have the best time dancing the night away on the shore.

  1. Puerto Rico

San Juan, in Puerto Rico, is honestly one of the most breathtaking cities that you will ever visit. That’s why it’s the ideal place to spend the most special day of your life. You can utter your vows against the glorious backdrop of the ocean front and then head down to the Isla Verde strip to sample some of the nightlife. The hotels here can be rather costly, and so it’s worth booking in advance for the best deals.

  1. Italy

Finally, this list just wouldn’t be complete without one European country. Italy is a truly romantic place, brimming with stunningly picturesque places. If you do decide to have an Italian wedding, check out some isolated vineyards the country has to offer. Imagine walking down the middle of the vines and saying your vows in a truly rural setting. Nothing could be more perfect!

Have you been to any of these wedding destinations?  If you have share your experience in the comments below!

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  1. Stacie @ Divine Lifestyle says

    I wasn’t surprised to see all the beaches on this list, but Italy was a bit of a surprise. But only because most people don’t think of anywhere in Europe. Italy is a gorgeous country, though.

  2. Vera Sweeney says

    I would love to renew our vows in Italy. I love the beach for sure, but I think renewing our vows in front of a castle or in a beautiful pastoral setting would be AH-mazing.

  3. robin Rue says

    I got married in Vegas and wouldn’t change a thing. It was so much fun getting married by Elvis.

  4. Pam Wattenbarger says

    These all sound like great places for a destination wedding. We were actually looking at going to Puerto Rico next year.

  5. Liz Mays says

    I wouldn’t mind taking a trip to any of these places. Hawaii is definitely going to be a big priority soon!

  6. Anne Parris says

    Our twentieth is later this year. I’d love to go to Italy and do a vow renewal. I’d like to go to any of these beaches, just for the beach!

  7. Meagan says

    Some of these look gorgeous. I would love to visit Italy.

  8. Amanda Love says

    Hawaii, I think, is a top choice for a lot of couples. I love beach weddings, they’re laid back and just plain awesome. These are all great places!

  9. Theresa says

    My friend got married in Puerto Rico and is was a gorgeous wedding. I’d choose Hawaii myself, but these are all amazing options for a destination wedding!

  10. Ann Bacciaglia says

    I have always loved the idea of a destination wedding. Hawaii would be my choice for sure.

  11. Our Family World says

    I totally love those brilliant ideas! It’s beautiful destinations and romantic as well.

  12. Melissa says

    Having a destination wedding is such a great idea to get away with all your closest friends. I would love to choose a place like Hawaii or Italy so I could continue the trip as a honeymoon that I might never get to take again.

  13. Rosey says

    I was saying yes all the way down. Then I got to Hawaii and said yes, yes, yes!! THEN you threw in Italy and that trumped ’em all for me. That’s the one I would choose, if a wedding were going on here (my second oldest is engaged, but no date is set).

  14. Amy Desrosiers says

    Before I decided on my large, local wedding, Hawaii was my choice. I should have stuck with it and just had close family.

  15. Crystal says

    I want to be invited to all of these weddings! Maybe we need a destination vow renewal!

  16. Rachel Ferrucci says

    I love all these places but we haven’t been to Italy yet and it’s on my list! We honeymooned in Jamaica so it has a special place in my heart!

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