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Traveling With Your Pet – Celebrate National Dog Day With These Tips

Pet Travel Tips

Traveling With Your Pet – Celebrate National Dog Day With These Tips

To celebrate National Dog Day on August 26, use these tips to make traveling with your pet easier and safer. Taking your fur baby with you while vacationing or even doing a little business traveling with you isn’t just a trend, it’s a way of life for some. According to the American Pet Products Association, about 39 percent of dog owners take their animal family members with them. Our pets are like family, and the travel industry is becoming more accommodating.

Hotel Pet Promotions

While it feels like some hotels are just now getting the memo that family-friendly now means offering perks for pooches, others are ahead of the game. The Craddock Terry Hotel is a great example of pet-friendly accommodations. The hotel has its own mascot, so even if you don’t have your own dog, you can walk Buster Brown, a wire-haired fox terrier who can act as your canine companion. Other hotels offer special treats, toys, and even services for your furry family member. Check your choice hotel’s website or call the specific location you plan to stay in for details and deals on their pet promotions.

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On the Move

If you plan on using a kennel of any kind, start the process before your trip begins. Start familiarizing your pet with the crate at least a few days before you depart. Encourage them to sleep, eat, and even play inside the kennel will ease stress and be less of shock for your animal friend. Taking your pet in a spin around the block in the crate might also be a great dry-run for your trip.

Doggie Documentation Recon

Every hotel, airline, resort, and even restaurant has some kind of pet policy. Do a little doggie reconnaissance before you commit to any down payments or sign any agreements. Some places require documentation that show your pet is up to date on vaccinations. Others may demand a note from a certified professional for cases involving service dogs. Get the details on documentation well in advance to spare yourself headaches. Scout out dog-friendly restaurants by using sites like Yelp or BringFido to find places your pooch will be pampered.

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Make It Homey

Just like you’d bring your favorite pillow or your child’s favorite toy, bring some elements from home. Creature comforts will be a stress-saver for both you and your fur baby. Keep it simple and remember that packing for your pet should be minimal. A toy or pet bed with the smell of home will be comforting and reassuring should you and your pet experience time apart while on your trip.

How will you be celebrating National Dog Day? Do you have any stories or special tips for traveling with your pet? Please share your experiences and stories in the comment section below.

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