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Travel Tips: Where Should I Go on Vacation ?!

Travel Tips: Where Should I Go on Vacation ?!Tourist Meets Travel is full of amazing travel tips that will save you money, time, and help you enjoy stress-free travel. This advice from some of our travel veterans will help you begin by answering the most important question – where should I go on vacation?! Deciding on the location for your travel destination is major decision and this travel guidance will help you pick the perfect vacation spot.


One of the most important deciding factors on your vacation destination is money. Choosing a location that you can not only afford but be able to splurge on will be your biggest hurdle. These days, planning a family trip to Disney can rival the budget of a trip for 2 to Paris. Choosing a location that is realistic for your budget will ease the financial worry that can sometimes put a damper on your trip. If the full Disney experience feels overwhelming, try a Disney cruise that allows you to pay for most expenditures up front – including food – to alleviate the stress.

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There is something to be said about trying a new experience. Be willing to expand your borders so you don’t miss out on discovering a new passion, hobby, or interest. Travel is a great opportunity for adventure. While sticking with what you know is also a great bet, you can always spice up your travels with opportunities to try new foods, experiences, and explore new territory. For example, if New York is your favorite vacation spot, try Chicago or another city rich with history like Boston. If you aren’t comfortable trying a total new location, stick to your favorite but try to add a new experience. Say, if you’re a beach bum, try taking surfing lessons, go snorkeling, or explore the wade pools by getting inside info from locals.

Employ a Pro

Travel agents are making a comeback and for good reason. If you’re struggling to pick a vacation spot, planning the event can be taxing. Don’t be afraid to meet with a pro to explore your options. If you find a decent agent, you typically won’t have to pay for the service. In fact, they can often save you money and time.

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Beyond the funding factor, you should also consider your resources. If you want to go on a camping trip, don’t forget to factor in equipment. If you’re about to travel abroad, don’t forget you need your passport. Making a checklist of your necessities when it comes to your vacation goals can be extremely helpful. If you’re simply wanting to relax on a beach, just ensure you have some sunscreen and swimsuit, but for an adventure kayaking you’ll obviously need gear. Renting or buying items to make your trip happen should be noted for your budget.

One factor I personally encourage is for those with wanderlust to always follow their gut. If something is pulling you to skip the beach for a hiking adventure, go for it. Take advantage of friends of family’s advice, tips, and suggestions, but always keep in mind what your desires and goals are. If you have a travel tip or suggestion on where you should go on vacation, please share your travel advice in the comment section below.

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