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Tips to Save Money – Fund A Family Vacation

Tips to Save Money – Fund A Family Vacation

Just over half of average Americans don’t use their well-deserved paid vacation time. One the biggest reasons why workers don’t take their paid time off and travel – expense. With these tips to save money, you can easily fund a family vacation.

1. Set Up a Savings Account

First, before you start your budgets and dreams of a beachy location, set up a dedicated savings account. Make this account separate for your emergency funds and don’t link a checking account or give yourself debit card access.

2. Set Up a Direct Deposit From Your Paycheck

Budget out how much you can afford to miss. Whether it is just $5 a week, or more, you can’t miss what you don’t have and be tempted to spend it. Instead of splurging on those fancy coffees, put the cash you’d spend on your latte toward a mojito on the beach.

3. Good Ol’ Change Jar

Saving that spare change can add up. All these little efforts will add up to cover those fees you didn’t factor into your budget like those parking fees.

4. Cut Cost With Travel Savings

Utilizing all the tips listed on Tourist Meets Traveler will save you money on the expense of the trip itself. Check out how to save money on hotels, secrets to saving cash at Disney, and when to travel for the cheapest rates.

5. Cut Costs With (or Without Coupons)

There are tons of ways to save money every day, but some apps like Ibotta or Ebates allow you build up a stash of saved cash. Dedicate those savings to your trip. Either wait until you are ready for your tip to withdraw the cash or deposit it directly into your separate savings account.

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