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Tips to Save Money – Fund A Family Vacation


Tips to Save Money – Fund A Family Vacation

Just over half of average Americans don’t use their well-deserved paid vacation time. One the biggest reasons why workers don’t take their paid time off and travel – expense. With these tips to save money, you can easily fund a family vacation.

1. Set Up a Savings Account

First, before you start your budgets and dreams of a beachy location, set up a dedicated savings account. Make this account separate for your emergency funds and don’t link a checking account or give yourself debit card access.

2. Set Up a Direct Deposit From Your Paycheck

Budget out how much you can afford to miss. Whether it is just $5 a week, or more, you can’t miss what you don’t have and be tempted to spend it. Instead of splurging on those fancy coffees, put the cash you’d spend on your latte toward a mojito on the beach.

3. Good Ol’ Change Jar

Saving that spare change can add up. All these little efforts will add up to cover those fees you didn’t factor into your budget like those parking fees.

4. Cut Cost With Travel Savings

Utilizing all the tips listed on Tourist Meets Traveler will save you money on the expense of the trip itself. Check out how to save money on hotels, secrets to saving cash at Disney, and when to travel for the cheapest rates.

5. Cut Costs With (or Without Coupons)

There are tons of ways to save money every day, but some apps like Ibotta or Ebates allow you build up a stash of saved cash. Dedicate those savings to your trip. Either wait until you are ready for your tip to withdraw the cash or deposit it directly into your separate savings account.

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  1. Pam Wattenbarger says

    These are great tips. We use a change jar to save money for all of our trips!

  2. Stacie @ Divine Lifestyle says

    Thanks for sharing these tips. We love to travel, and to make sure we’re able to keep doing that, we always look for deals and coupon codes. We even have a change jar.

  3. Colleen Lanin says

    These are all great tips. We’ve started to cut corners here to make more financial room for travel. What’s a Starbucks cappuccino compared to a family vacation?

  4. Jen Rattie says

    Woohoo! That is awesome. We always try to save money wherever we can to make it easier to afford trips. I’ll have to adopt some of these other tips, as well.

  5. Liz Mays says

    I want to do a big road trip out west with family someday. I do need to do some saving and these are some good ideas!

  6. Dawn McAlexander says

    These are great tips. I think we have followed every one of these when we were planning for a vacation. They are really helpful.

  7. Veronica says

    Saving money is always a great thing. Imagine being able to do that while you vacation

  8. Kelly says

    These are awesome tips to make a vacation possible! I always set some aside from each pay or I know I will never get there.

  9. Marcie W. says

    We love to travel and are always looking for new ways to save toward our next adventure. I like the idea of keeping a specific account.

  10. Rachel Ferrucci says

    These are great tips. I have a change jar and it adds up over the year. I also do a vacation club where you put away a certain amount each week.

  11. Theresa says

    These are all really practical ways to save for a family vacation. We set up a savings account to contribute to specifically for vacation funds to ensure we can go on at least one trip each summer.

  12. Mitch says

    Yes to all fo this. Until I win the lottery, our vacations are planned out very carefully so that costs are reasonable! I cannot afford to waste money on extras, so if there is a deal, I want it!

  13. Amanda Love says

    These are all awesome suggestions on how to save for a family vacation. It would be nice to set up a direct deposit so that it automatically credits your account.

  14. Jeanine says

    Great tips! Can’t wait to take another family vacation with our growing family. We need to save where we can because there are so many of us!

  15. Melissa says

    Saving for a trip is a great way for the family to get together and do it together for a fun event. I liked all of those tips and will try a few.

  16. Louise Bishop says

    People laugh at change jars but those suckers add up. We funded our one-year anniversary outing with our change jar!

  17. Kelly Hutchinson says

    I love the direct deposit idea. It is easier to save money when you don’t ever have it in your hands.

  18. Tracy @ Ascending Butterfly says

    I love to travel, it’s actually the one indulgence that when I do it, I really do it, five star all the way and eat out everyday, which is pricey, but worth it! I save in every other area so I can really splurge on my vacays! 🙂

  19. Our Family World says

    I used to do that direct deposit from my paycheck. I called “forced savings.” My bank was very helpful, and I was able to save enough for a grand vacation.

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