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4 Things You Should Do When Checking Into a Hotel

In all my traveling years and experience with vacation and business, I’ve been in and out of many hotels. Some experiences better than others. So, make sure you pin this post and remember 4 things you should do when checking into your hotel.

Front Desk

Always smile and be kind when you’re checking in. Make conversation, ask how the attendant is and be genuine. These are the people with the power to give you upgrades when they are available. Sometimes, you have to ask. I always start by asking if the hotel is busy. It’s casual and doesn’t seem like fishing, plus if the response is the hotel isn’t busy, you’ve knocked down one barrier to an upgrade. Next, try asking for the complimentary upgrade.

In Your Room

Check the locks. It should be the first thing you do when you get to your room. Safety first! If you’re going to use the safe deposit box, make sure you check that too. A general look around the room’s safety features should be done. Don’t forget those windows.


Is your room clean? Like…really actually clean? First, get rid of the decorative bedspreads that often don’t get changed with the sheets and blanket. Then, check for hairs or stains to make sure you’ve got fresh linens. Check trash cans and your toiletries. You might save yourself some trouble by making sure you’ve got everything you need and your room is up to par.


There is a saying, “Ask and ye shall receive.” Whether you need a phone charger or gym access, ask. Often, hotels have loaners ranging from everything to spare diapers to a bike for you to navigate the city with. If you’re staying at a hotel with limited amenities, you can still ask for things like gym access. Sometimes hotels will partner with nearby facilities to get you free or at least discounted access.

Do you have any tips when checking into a hotel?  Share them with us in the comments!

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