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Experience Paris Like A Pro – The Paris Guy’s Unforgettable Golden Versailles Palace and Garden Tour

Experience Paris Like A Pro - The Paris Guy's Unforgettable Golden Versailles Palace and Garden TourParis, France is at the top of most European traveler’s bucket lists, for obvious reasons. The beautiful art, delicious food, and unique French culture and history make the home of the Palace of Versailles a magical place.

When most people travel to Paris, they flock to the Eiffel Tower, but the Palace of Versailles has always been my favorite part of France.

Experience Paris like a pro - The Paris guy's unforgettable golden Versailles palace and garden tour.

The Palace of Versailles and gardens are rich with history and were constructed in the 17th century during the King Louis XIII era. The Château de Versailles is MASSIVE, and is made up of an absurd number of rooms, over 2,000!

The first time I toured the Palace of Versailles I fell in love with the Hall of Mirrors, which is exactly what it sounds like, an entire room made out of mirrors. The huge room has over 350 mirrors in it, and with a few candles lit, the mirrors reflect beautiful light. If you are familiar with European history, then you know all about the Treaty of Versailles, which was signed in that very room.

My husband and I take an annual trip to Rome, Italy every year, and every time we travel there I use The Roman Guy to help plan our itinerary. The tour group is absolutely amazing, and they handle all of our transportation to and from the museums, wineries, and major landmarks like the Colosseum.

The Roman Guy’s tour guides are awesome, they literally eat, sleep, and breathe Italy and they know all of the hot-spots and best places to eat, they get us in and out of packed tourist traps with ease, and they really know their stuff! By now, I could probably find my way around Rome on my own, but I love all of the perks of dealing with The Roman Guy, and their tours make my vacations stress-free and easy to plan.

This year, The Roman Guy launched their official tours in France, and I can’t wait to check them out. Of course, the top of my list is The Paris Guy’s GOLDEN VERSAILLES PALACE AND GARDEN TOUR.

I have been to the Versailles Palace before, but the crowds and lines can be overwhelming. When you book a tour with The Paris Guy, it automatically comes with skip the line passes, so no standing outside for hours waiting to get into the Palace – only to be rushed through with the massive crowds.

The Paris Guy’s Golden Versailles Palace and Garden Tour kicks off with the palace and the Hall of Mirrors. The Paris Guy’s guide knows every bit of history associated with the palace and will teach you more than any brochure or book possibly could. They are like walking encyclopedias!

Then, your guide will take you outside to the Palace Gardens, which are breathtaking and make for the perfect Parisian photo-ops. You can hang out in the gardens for as long as you like, when you are ready to leave, you can head to the train station and use your boarding pass – which is included in the tour package from The Paris Guy.

If you have an upcoming trip to Paris scheduled, I highly recommend heading over to The Paris Guy’s official website and booking a few of their tours to make your trip less stressful and ensure you get to see all of the beautiful places that Paris has to offer. And, if you don’t have a trip planned to Paris this year, I guarantee you that you will be checking out plane tickets after you see their beautiful Golden Versailles Palace and Garden Tour and all that it offers.

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