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The Roman Guy Is Now In Paris! Three Brand New Tours Launched in France

The Roman Guy is headed to Paris! My husband and I travel to Rome, Italy every year to getaway for a few weeks. We’re absolutely in love with the Italian food, architecture, history, people, and their rich culture.

Even though we are familiar with the city, we rely heavily on our favorite tour company, The Roman Guy. Sure, we could probably find our own way to the historical chapels and wineries, or the Colosseum, but booking an official tour with The Roman Guy always makes our trip more enjoyable and gets us the most bang for our buck.

One of the most magical experiences I ever had in Rome was a trip to The Vatican and Sistine Chapel, and we got to skip the line and spend three hours unrushed, taking in all of the sights. And, it was all made possible by The Roman Guy’s awesome staff and experience guides.

“Taking care of everything so you can be on vacation” is The Roman Guy’s motto; and that is exactly what they do! Now, The Roman Guy is headed to France and launching The Paris Guy and my husband and I can’t wait to check out their new line of European tours.

The Paris Guy has officially launched three brand new tours in France, all to hot tourist attractions and must-see locations.


The tour kicks off at the Catacombs entrance, also known as the “Gateway to Hell.” The Paris Guy’s experienced guides will be sure to get you right in so you don’t have to wait in line all day, and the magical experience includes a brief history lesson on the Catacombs, and explains how over six million bodies of the dead were actually used to reinforce the mine’s walls, and you can view the exquisite architecture and art handcrafted with actual human bones.


Of course it wouldn’t be a true Paris vacation if you don’t spend a day at The Louvre. The iconic museum is actually the largest in the world, and home to over 38,000 pieces of art. Obviously, you won’t be able to see everything in one day, but The Paris Guy makes sure you see the infamous Mona Lisa, other items in the Da Vinci Collection, plus Louvre’s Greek and Roman antiquities, like Bernini’s Sleeping Hermaphroditus.


Versailles Palace is usually at the top of everyone visiting Paris’ bucketlist, and The Paris Guy can make your dreams come true in France! The exquisite 17th century palace is one of the most visited landmarks in Europe, and for good reason. The Hall of Mirrors is one room made up of over 350 mirrors, and is actually the very room where the Treaty of Versailles was signed. Plus, it wouldn’t be a complete tour without checking out the garden with your Paris Guy guide!

If you are planning a trip to France in the near future, The Louvre, Versailles Palace, and the Catacombs are most likely on your bucket list – and The Paris Guy can help you check the off, one at a time, and without spending the day waiting in endless lines! Check out their official website to book your tours today, and let them handle all of the details so you can enjoy your French vacation!

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