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Going to the Vatican with Toddlers Is It Possible? #TheRomanGuy

Rome, the city of love, is perhaps the city you’d not want to go with your toddlers if you’re not prepared for all the madness there. Nonetheless, the vibrant atmosphere in the city provides the best environment for you and your family members. One thing I did before I left home for Rome was plan our activities before leaving. One of my favorite bookings I made was a private family-friendly Vatican and Sistine Chapel Tour with The Roman Guy. It helped make our visit to the Vatican a success!

Here are a few of our tips before you head to the Vatican with your little ones:

Be Prepared

The Vatican is no different that may turn into a nightmare if you’re not prepared. Besides, the biggest mistake made by most people when visiting the Vatican is not doing thorough research. Some get confused locating the Sistine Chapel and get lost in the Vatican Museums that is why we planned our tour with The Roman Guy.


Knowing the most appropriate time to visit is another struggle for many. Most people come to visit the Vatican in the morning when there are lots of activities inside and outside hence they lack ample time to tour around. While those who have done some research enjoy their time in the Vatican as they visit in the afternoon when there’s less activity and it’s much quieter. That’s the best time to have your kids run all over the museums.

Going to the Vatican with Toddlers Is It Possible? #TheRomanGuy

Want to Catch the Pope?

Consider going there on Wednesday for your kids to catch a glimpse of the Pope addressing the people. Remember; watch your kids as they go to play. The museums close at 4:30 pm and I’m sure you’d want your kid with you at that time. You know how kids can get running all over even past the specified time.

Avoid Tourist Traps

Avoid shortcuts. Tourist traps are people who have their own “tours” alleging that they can take you through the Vatican museums in less than fifteen minutes. These people can be employed by anyone at a commission. Definitely, not something you’d want to experience.  Take a trusted tour like The Roman Guy who knows how to make the tour most comfortable for your children.

Are The Kids getting tired?

Vatican museums cover around 4.5 miles of colorful yet priceless art masterpieces on the wall. The distance can overwhelm the kids depending on their age. Therefore, it would be easier to schedule your private tour in the afternoon when there are fewer people since it’s less busy.

If you are planning a trip in the near future to Italy, I highly recommend booking some tours with The Roman Guy.  They have tours to every Roman landmark imaginable, and some you may not have even known existed, and the guides are wonderful with kids!

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