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Solo Travel Savings Tips – Avoid Fees and Meet New People

Solo Travel Savings Tips – Avoid Fees and Meet New PeopleSolo travel is growing in popularity thanks to adventurers of all ages. Taking a vacation or a trip of self-discovery on your own can be amazingly rewarding, and these solo travel savings tips will help you avoid fees and meet new people.

As rewarding as it is to venture out on your own, traveling solo can cost you in fees and charges known as the single supplemental fee. This fee applies to single travelers who are staying in a double-occupancy room or package. It’s somewhat common, especially on cruises.

You can avoid these seemingly unfair charges by using a company or travel agent that caters to singles travel. Singles Travel International ( and Singles Travel Getaways ( are both reputable companies that provide solo explorers with opportunities to be matched with a roommate to save you the fee or waive the fee if a match can’t be found.

Being matched with someone as a roommate for your adventure may seem daunting, but it is actually an incredibly rewarding experience. You’ll get the benefit of the company, but have no responsibility in spending time together. It also offers you a chance to meet new people and network.

Solo traveling seems to be the most popular among old adults. Thankfully, there are companies that are just for those adventuring baby boomers. and Overseas Adventure Travel ( both offer trips catered to those adults aged 50 and over. This will ensure older retirees don’t get stuck dealing with a millennial.

Women looking to ensure a female companion have options too.,,, and are all great options to eliminate or at least reduce the single traveler fee. For those who want to narrow down their roommate choices on their own, try for fellow cruisers or to pick your own travel partner.

Do you have any experience with solo travel? Share your stories and travel tips in the comment section below.

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