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5 Delicious Restaurants to Eat At in Lubbock, Texas #LiveLoveLubbock

5 Delicious Restaurants to Eat At in Lubbock Texas #LiveLoveLubbockWhile in Lubbock, you’ll never be hard pressed to find a place to eat. This area is rich in diners and eateries which will keep you coming back for more! The food portions are always generous and so is the hospitality in Texas. So, where should you be eating?

Breakfast At Cast Iron Grill

The 5 Best Restaurants to Eat At in Lubbock Texas #LiveLoveLubbock

When you wake up in the morning, it’s important to have a tasty meal to start the day. If omelettes are your bag, this place is certainly up your street. What’s more, there’s just no better way to start the day. Every tasty omelette comes with a side of hash browns or potatoes, which means that this meal will keep you going for hours. Opt got the special Cast Iron Grill Omelette packed with meat, cheese, peppers, and onions. Delish!

Dinner at The West Table Kitchen & Bar

The West Table Kitchen & Bar is a delectable little eatery that everyone should try at least once! Be aware that this place only serves dinner from Wednesday until Sunday. And so, you may need to plan your dining experience in advance. Bite-size dishes include calamari and spiced peppers, but the main draw is the entrees. Treat yourself to a juicy lamb chop or a well cooked steak.

Lunch at Evie Mae’s Pit Barbecue

It goes without saying that BBQ food is a huge deal in Texas. Warning: The portions here are as big as they come, and so you should expect to leave feeling fuller than ever. You can buy meat by the pound including brisket, turkey and sausage. As if that weren’t enough, the sides are out of this world. Grab yourself some smoked beans.

Dinner At The Funky Door Bistro

If you’re intrigued by the name, you will surely adore this quaint little bistro. The dinner menu has a whole load of tasty meaty dishes. From Cajun Alfredo to Crispy Asian Pork Belly, Meat lovers are spoiled for choice. What you really want to try here, though, is the fondue sharing options. The Fiesta Fondue comes with a shot of tequila in it and it insanely good.

Lunch at The Crafthouse GastroPub

Finally, another great place for lunch is The Crafthouse GastroPub. Starters include tuna tartare and oysters! Plus, the burgers here are so incredibly done that you really need to try them for yourself. If you’re stuck for what to choose, the All-American Burger comes with salad and cheese, and will fill your belly in no time at all. What’s more, the pizza menu here has a whole load to offer. More cheese please!


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