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Travel Tips: Kipling Canyon Duffle Bag “Perfect Luggage”


If you travel you know that luggage and the weight of luggage is an issue, especially for air travel today.  There is always a weight restriction and it always means weighing the luggage before you leave to make sure you are not overweight.  On some airline carriers if you are overweight you may face a surcharge that can be anywhere from $70 to $120 or even more.   On other carriers, especially on smaller airlines in Europe, they will just refuse to take your luggage unless you can lower the weight.  Generally they will suggest you purchase another suitcase and then charge you for the additional item!

In the UK and Western Europe the charges are even higher than in North America.  My husband and I travel extensively and often to more than one country during a given trip. This usually entails facing different radically climates on the same vacation and so we need to pack for more than one season.

We tried several different luggage types and brands finding most standard luggage weighs 13.7 – 20 lbs empty using up a good percentage of your allowance.  Not only that, but these bulky and heavy suitcases tend to not stand up to the wear and tear they face – especially getting banged about in airports. With more standard luggage we were going through a suitcase every year or so.

Someone finally suggested we try the Kipling wheeled Duffel Bag and we love it.  It weighs 9 lbs empty and it is sturdy.  We have had our current wheeled Kipling Duffel Bags for about 4 years and they are still in excellent shape. These babies have travelled 10’s of thousands of miles and are still in good shape.  Water resistant, they are made flexibly and so it always easy to squeeze in a few more items.

Our Kiplings have convenient practical wheels and extendable carrying grips making long hauls around airports, stations, and on streets a breeze. Our Kipling bags have walked miles with us in airports. We have taken them to train stations and had to drag them up and down flights of stairs in Brussels and on the way to Bruges (no elevators) and they held up fine.  The wheels and suitcase are still intact.

Over the past 4 years our luggage has been to Italy 3 times, Ireland, Scotland, England, France, Czech Repulic, Belgium, India, Australia, The Caribbean and numerous trips around the USA and Canada – and they are still in fine shape.

We highly recommend that if you are looking for luggage, check out Kipling.  You can check out their website, CLICK HERE!