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Hawaii Travel Tips: Great Hawaiian Vacation on a Budget

Hawaii Travel Tips: Great Hawaiian Vacation on a Budget

Everyone dreams of an exotic beach vacation, and for many that dream comes true in Hawaii.  If you are working within a limited budget, the Hawaiian Islands may seem to be an impossibility.  With these Tips For Budget Friendly Hawaiian Vacations you are sure to find this tropical location within your budget.  While no vacation to Hawaii can be considered cheap, there are many ways to limit expenses and stay within a moderate budget while enjoying the islands in style.

BOOK IN ADVANCE:  As early as you can book, do it.  This price difference is considerable and will help you get the best deals.  Many airlines will also offer you refunds if the price dips lower between the time you book and your departure date. {Note: Check with Alaska Airlines for typically significantly lower prices versus other airlines.}

RENT A CAR AND TOUR ON YOUR OWN:  While tours and special drivers are great to have when on the island, renting your own car and taking a trip on your own can be just as much fun at a lot lower cost.  Things to remember along the way include having a map of the island or gps system handy, and remembering “island time” means everyone takes things slow.  Near popular beaches you may find two lane traffic very slow and what is only a 10 mile trip taking you an hour or longer.  

BUY GROCERIES THERE: For snacks or even meals prepared in your suite, there are numerous grocery stores with reasonable prices all over the islands.  Costco, Safeway, Walmart, Target and Kmart are all popular on all islands and offer your favorite items from home and local fare for decent prices compared to restaurant meals or resorts.

SHOP ALL INCLUSIVE VACATION SALES: While booking everything separately can save money, checking with sites like Endless Vacation Rentals, Groupon, Living Social and even Amazon Local for routine deals on “all inclusive resort stays” can save a real bundle.  Check what the deal includes as some will even have air fair included for a discounted price.

GO IN “OFF SEASON”:  While off season would typically be during the winter months, you may find that late summer and early fall are the best times to visit the islands for good deals.  As families are ending their summer vacations and those seeking warmth from winter temperatures haven’t hit that cold zone yet, August through October can often give you the best overall prices on your stay on any of the isalnds.

BUY SOUVENIRS AT WALMART:  There will be beach side huts, tourist shops and gas station “deals” glimmering at you everywhere but nothing beats the prices of the local Walmart or Target.  Before sending post cards, magnets or local souvenirs home check out the prices at Walmart.  This is also a great place to pick up Hawaiian shirts and dresses for great prices.

No matter what your budget is, you can easily watch for deals and plan ahead to make a great trip anywhere.  These tips for budget friendly Hawaiian vacations are sure to help you make that exotic travel event not just a dream, but a dream come true this year.  If you want to find out some interesting things about Hawaii, check out our 10 Things You Didn’t Know About Hawaii