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Disney Secrets – A Peek Behind the Magic

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There is a sense of wonder and awe the moment you walk into Disneyland and Disney World. Everything from the air to the sights and sounds are euphoric. However, behind the scenes of the happiest place on Earth, it’s a different story. Here are some of the Disney secrets that will give you a peek behind the magic.

Walt Disney had a grand vision of his parks. Walt wanted to provide an authentic experience and left no detail untouched. To ensure guests believed they were actually in the various worlds created inside the parks, so “magic” was used to provide a feeling of authenticity.

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Secret – The dragon from the nightly Fantasmic show cooked ducks on the river.

In the 1990s, the fire-breathing dragon had a devastating and unexpected consequence. Ducks that liked to hang out in the river were roasted during the show. Since then, the show has been altered to include a disturbance in the water to scare away the ducks before the river is set on fire.

Secret – Yes, those costumes are very hot. So hot, characters have fainted.

In the trial and error days, Disney performers decked out in those hot, heavy, and cumbersome costumes were prone to passing out from the heat. Since then, the costumes have gotten a makeover that includes better ventilation. On the super-hot days, performers are limited to 10-20 minutes performances or meet-and-greets.

Secret – It’s not always the happiest place on Earth. Domestic situations happen more often that you think.

Perhaps it’s the heat, the energy-zapping hustle across the park, or the stress of trying to ensure everyone is having a good time, but Disney security is no stranger to domestic disputes. Employees are always keeping a watchful eye on everyone, especially when families start getting upset.

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Secret – Disneyland waterways are dyed green to hide the tracks.

Some think the water is simply dirty, but the Disney team dyes the water to hide the fact that guests are not on real, free-floating boats.

Secret – Every few years the waterways are drained and a

Everything from scooters, cameras, to wheelchairs have been found in the bottom of the rivers. Make sure you hang on to your personal items!