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Florence Travel Magic With The Roman Guy: Best Uffizi Museum Private Tour – Don’t Miss It!

Florence Travel Magic With The Roman Guy: Best Uffizi Museum Private Tour - Don't Miss It!

If you are planning a trip to Florence, Italy in then you absolutely have to book a tour at the Uffizi with The Roman Guy! My husband and I have been to Italy on more than one occasion, but we always make it a point to check out the Uffizi in Florence – it always refreshes and elevates the spirit. The Uffizi museum is actually one of the oldest museums in the world, the palace was constructed in the 1500’s to hold the offices of the Florentine magistrates – and the building alone is a grand work of art.

When we are traveling in Italy, we always make it a point to book all of our tours with The Roman Guy since they have no close second. Their private tours are always so much fun and convenient – we never fail to come away from them wiser and happier than when we began! You never have to wait in long lines and our guides are always prompt, knowledgeable and polite. Tours are so much more enjoyable when you have an expert guide who is thoroughly interested in what you are viewing, instead of just reading off facts from note cards.

I have traveled around the world, and been on more tours than I can count – but I can honestly say that the guide from The Roman Guy, Elena, that met us at the Uffizi was the best tour guide I have ever come across! Elena was truly a delight, and she was so passionate about the artwork and her comprehensive understanding of the life and times about which she spoke was simply awesome. My husband and I had so much fun with Elena that the three hours whizzed by, and we were sad when the private tour was over.

DSC_2446The Roman Guy’s private tour of the Uffizi kicked off at the central part of the galleries – known as “The Tribuna.” We were able to enjoy some of the most famous pieces of art in the world, including some of Botticelli’s priceless pieces like the Renaissance painting “Birth of Venus,” and the controversial piece “Primavera.”

Florence Travel Magic With The Roman Guy: Best Uffizi Museum Private Tour - Don't Miss It!

Over the years critics have explored the “Primavera” extensively, and a lot of controversy has been stirred up over the mythological men and women that Botticelli painted in what appears to be a garden. Once we were done taking in Botticelli’s breathtaking artwork, we traveled to the “Annunciation” which is one of the iconic Leonardo Da Vinci’s historical paintings, which features Gabriel and the Virgin Mary.

Florence Travel Magic With The Roman Guy: Best Uffizi Museum Private Tour - Don't Miss It!

Whenever we hear of Michelangelo, we all automatically think of the Sistine Chapel and his magnificent and massive painting on the ceiling (which we also took in during a private tour of The Vatican with a guide from The Roman Guy), but there are so many other exquisite pieces of art from Michelangelo. The Uffizi houses Michelangelo’s painting “Tondo Doni,” and our guide explained to us that “Tondo Doni” was actually painted four years BEFORE Michelangelo painted the Sistine Chapel!

Florence Travel Magic With The Roman Guy: Best Uffizi Museum Private Tour - Don't Miss It!

Once our guide was able to pry my husband and I away from Michelangelo’s paintings, we visited some of Caravaggio and Titian’s artwork before we took a brief break and travelled up to the roof to take in the scenery. From the roof of the Uffizi the view of Florence is majestic and you can admire the Brunelleschi Dome (also known as the ‘Duomo’) in all of its magnificent glory. The Brunelleschi is a work of art all in its own, and an architectural masterpiece. It is so large that the massive shadow seems covers the entire city of Florence.

Florence Travel Magic With The Roman Guy: Best Uffizi Museum Private Tour - Don't Miss It!

After our trip to the roof, our guide from The Roman Guy took us back into the Uffizi to finish ogling the artwork. The museum houses an impressive collection of Raphael’s pieces – which includes his iconic painting “Madonna del Cardellino.” We learned that the Raphael was actually shattered in to dozens of pieces during an earthquake many years ago and was carefully put back together, piece by piece. In the early 2000’s a restoration team worked on the piece for nearly 10 years, and now it looks as good as new!

The Uffizi also has an impressive collection of statues and sculptures, like Baccio Bandinelli’s rendition of the “Laocoon.” Our tour guide saved the best for last, and we concluded out private tour with the classical statues – which are rumored to have inspired the entire Renaissance period, changing the course of history.

My husband and I have visited many museums in Italy throughout the years, but this outing was by far my favorite. I have always admired great paintings and artwork but my guide from The Roman Guy was superior in both knowledge and passion about the Uffizi collections that her love for the masterpieces was literally contagious and she helped me discover a whole new fondness for the art. I highly recommend booking a private tour of the Uffizi with The Roman Guy for a fascinating, memorable and truly an eye-opening experience! Tours with The Roman Guy always feel like a special event in which the client’s comfort and engagement is assured – you always come away knowing you will book with The Roman Guy again!