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Travel Cheap Year Round With These Tips

Travel Cheap Year Round With These Tips

The most popular factor that prevents people from fulfilling their travel dreams is usually money. Disney vacations and trips to sandy beaches seem like bank-emptying adventures, but they don’t have to be! Use these tricks to travel cheap year round with these tips.

Stay at New Hotels

Typically, when a new hotel opens they anticipate snags as the staff settle in and the systems work through any unforeseen glitches. Most hotels have soft openings and grand openings. Either way, staying a brand new hotel can be a great way save on rates. The downside may be problems with the general hotel finding its groove and learning through issues, but staff will be more likely to want to make sure your stay is amazing as you’ll be providing initial reviews.

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Call Direct

The only way you can get the nice guy discount or ask about any unadvertised promotions is by calling and speaking with an actual person. It seems like a pain, but it will be worth the effort when it comes to booking hotels, tickets for shows, and airfare.

Tickets – The box office of the location might have a special for a specific night or seats that are cheaper due to special promotions.

Hotel – Tourist Meets Traveler has gone over why you should never book your hotel room through a third party site, but it’s worth repeating. Call the hotel’s direct number – not the generic 800 number – and talk to a supervisor who will be more than likely to match or beat the discounted price you found online.

Airfare – It’s not uncommon for airlines to only show a portion of seating choices online. Call to ask about discounted seats that might not be shown on the online inventory.

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Consider Alternatives

Instead of dining at those flashy and alluring tourist trap restaurants, eat local. The experience will be worth it alone, but you can often save money since local restaurants – the good ones – will use local meats, produce, and spices to create amazing dishes, which means it cost the eatery less and passes the savings onto their customers.

When it comes to accommodations, consider staying in someone’s home. It’s no secret Airbnb can provide amazing opportunities to enjoy more space and better locations, but it can also save you a ton of cash better spent on another trip.

Uber will get you around easier than cabs, plus they tend to be cheaper. Even better, consider biking when you are visiting a smaller area like Venice Beach in California. Usually, Airbnb locations in the area will have bikes for you to use or know where you can score deep discounts on rentals.