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The Benefits of Using a Travel Agent for Your Next Family Vacation


With all the technological developments, traveling is a different game than it was years ago. With third-party sites offering travelers an easy and accessible way to score deals, it seemingly makes the use of a travel agent obsolete. However, there are still amazing benefits of using a travel agent for your next family vacation.

Unique Demands Accommodated

Millennials, spoiled by gadgets and technology, have sparked a new trend of using travel agents instead of being lured into the too-good-to-be-true promises of DIY trips. According to a recent study by Association of Travel Agents (ASTA), millennial travelers are thirsty for unique adventures that save time and money. Finding different experiences and customizing trips is a travel agent’s wheelhouse. Their resources allow them to create a customized trip and all the traveler has to do is decide what to spend their money on.

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Less Work, More Fun

Planning a trip takes time. Agents handle the load and bring the getaway options to you. So, instead of scouring the internet and putting an APB out on social media, let the agent do the work. The less stress you have in planning the trip, the more fun you’ll have on the adventure itself.

The Details Are Handled

You may not think of the smaller things that can have a big impact on your trip. Travel agents do. They will plan and anticipate for everything from the weather to how you will get to your cruise ship or hotel. They will also be in-the-know with special deals, tips, and tricks to save you money, time, or your sanity.

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Save Money

While those third-party websites seem like a great deal, they can be a nightmare. By booking with a third-party website, you have put another person/company into your travel plans. So, if something happens, you have to account for another set of rules, regulations, and policies. Often, you can score better deals calling hotels and cruise lines directly with the old, “I found Deal A online, can you offer any better options?” Not only will score the “discounted” price, the hotel or line will usually offer extra incentives like free WiFi or dinner vouchers to ensure you book direct, which saves the company money. A travel agent will be able to get those same but better deals and you don’t have to play the game. Also, when something happens, a good travel agent will be able to help you out because it’s in their best interest to ensure you have a great time, too.

Do you have experience using a travel agent? Share your thoughts and stories in the comment section below.