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It’s the Easter Beagle, Charlie Brown – Peanuts Easter Prize-Pack Giveaway! #EasterBeagle


It’s the Easter Beagle, Charlie Brown - Peanuts Easter Prize-Pack Giveaway! #EasterBeagle

Easter is right around the corner, and that means if you have little ones in your house – the Easter Bunny will be paying you a visit! Of course, Easter is another one of those holidays that gets us all a little nostalgic – and whenever I think of the Easter Bunny, I also think of the Easter Beagle and Snoopy and the Peanuts Gang. Snoopy is practically a member of the family around here – so it wouldn’t be a holiday in our home without a Peanuts theme!

Every spring Snoopy came hopping down the bunny trail (or Beagle trail) with big floppy ears and a basket full of goodies on the holiday special, It’s the Easter Beagle, Charlie Brown. And, every year after that it became a family tradition in our house to gather around the television and watch the adorable Easter Beagle. I like to say that we are watching the holiday special for the kids – but I secretly enjoy it just as much as they do!

It’s the Easter Beagle, Charlie Brown - Peanuts Easter Prize-Pack Giveaway! #EasterBeagleBefore the special began airing on television, Snoopy actually made his debut as the Easter Beagle back in 1968 in Charles Schulz iconic comic strip. The Easter Beagle would make his rounds and hand deliver eggs to the whole gang – sadly he ran out of eggs before he made it to Charlie Brown in the 1972 comic strip. The next year Charlie Brown did receive an egg, Snoopy’s assistant Woodstock hand-delivered it.

And, like the theme in many other Peanuts holiday specials – there was one member of the gang who had witnessed the magical character, and everyone else doubted the Easter Beagle’s existence. In the comic strip, Linus was lucky enough to witness the Easter Beagle, and his pals were cynical. In our family, we’ve never had any doubters. Who would want to question a magical bunny that leaves us baskets full of treats and toys in the middle of the night?

It’s the Easter Beagle, Charlie Brown had the whole gang in the holiday special – Charlie Brown, Snoopy, Linus, Sally, and Peppermint Patty.

In our house we dye Easter eggs the night before the big magical bunny comes to leave us sweet treats. We usually wind up making a huge mess, and they never turn out as fancy as the pictures of Easter eggs on Pinterest that we try to duplicate, but we are always much more successful than Peppermint Patty. Who could forget Patty’s hilarious attempts at making Easter eggs, and trying to roast them like marshmallows?! And, how cute was Linus when he was sounding the alarm to let the Peanuts gang know that the Easter Beagle was near!

carli brownTo get the kids excited for Easter, we usually watch It’s the Easter Beagle, Charlie Brown the day before, and then we fill their Easter baskets with toys and candy – there are always a few Snoopy themed presents in there too!


In honor of Spring (so long winter!) and Easter this year, we will be giving away a Snoopy Easter prize-pack to one (1) of Tourist Meets Traveler’s lucky readers!

PRIZE: The winner of the giveaway will receive: an Easter Beagle porch greeter, A DVD of It’s the Easter Beagle, Charlie Brown, and candy!

RULES: Giveaway is open to US and CANADA, ages 18+ years of age .

The giveaway ends on 03/20/16.

I will notify the winner by e-mail and you have 48-hours to respond or I will have to choose another winner.  Good Luck!!

Simply follow the Rafflecopter entry form below for your chance to win. Be sure to return tomorrow to complete the daily entries. It takes a bit of time for the Rafflecoppter to come up, so don’t rush away :-)

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Was the Easter Beagle a part of your childhood? Share your fondest memories in the comments below and don’t forget to enter in to the giveaway for the Peanuts Easter Prize-Pack!


DisclosureI am a Peanuts Brand Ambassador and was provided with gifts as a participant in this promotion. The opinions in this post are 100% mine.

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  1. Anne Taylor says

    I don’t believe that the Easter Beagle existed while I was a child!

  2. Amy Heffernan says

    No it wasent! I remember just always having an egg hunt!

  3. Shakeia Rieux says

    No it wasn’t.I remember dyeing eggs with my parents and sister,and having an Easter egg hunt.Besides the dyed eggs we would find plastic eggs with candy in some of them and money,and if one of us had the most eggs we would always share

  4. Janet W. says

    Sadly the Easter Beagle was not a part of my Easter Day. I wish he was!

  5. Sarah at Journeys of The Zoo says

    Snoopy was definitely a part of my childhood growing up but not really for Easter (more rabbit characters). He’s a classic!

    Thanks for hosting.

    Besos, Sarah
    Journeys of The Zoo

  6. mary czerczyk says

    No the Easter Beagle was not a part of my childhood. But he was a part of my children’s childhoods.

  7. Lauryn R says

    Yes! I owned It’s Easter Charlie Brown on VHS as a kid and watched it so many times! I love the Easter Beagle! 🙂

  8. Charlene Lucas says

    Oh yes and everything else Charlie Brown :-). Classics that NEVER get old and always leave you feeling good.

  9. Lindsey says

    I have never seen Easter Beagle, but we watch a Charlie Brown Christmas every year!

  10. Lisa Williams says

    I don’t remember the Easter Beagle being around when I was a kid,but I know about him because My kids got to see It’s the Easter Beagle,Charlie Brown,we owned it for my kids,we love everything Snoopy!

  11. Allyson Becker says

    It was definitely part of my childhood. My grandfather loved Snoopy, and I watched the Peanuts special every year.

  12. Jan Lee says

    I remember watching the Easter Beagle on TV, however it came out when I was in high school so it wasn’t a big part of my childhood. 🙂

  13. Angelica Dimeo says

    sadly easter beagle wasn’t but we did have easter egg hunts

  14. DebP says

    The Easter Beagle was definitely there, but wasn’t a central character in Easter. I always enjoyed the Easter Peanuts strips.

  15. Wendy hutton says

    no the easter beagle was not part of my childhood, growing up in the 60’s we rarely got treats a big family gathering is what usually happened, we got to boil eggs and color them

  16. Lauren says

    I don’t remember the Easter Beagle, but I looked forward to the Easter Bunny.

  17. Cheryl says

    The Easter Beagle wasn’t a part of my childhood.

  18. Tammy Dalley says

    I always enjoyed snoopy at easter time

  19. Preston Chapman says

    I did not know the Easter Beagle when I was a child. But I have very happy memories of Easter.

  20. Sandra says

    I have never seen the Easter Beagle before. Sounds like fun.

  21. Edmond says

    Yeay, luv snoopy in Easter time. . Thank you for the awesomeness, the contest, and generosity. 🙂

  22. andrea amy says

    Everything Snoopy and The Peanuts was a part of my childhood. My Mom collected the books before I was born, and would read them to me as a little kid and I grew up with the stories, the television specials and the love of everything peanuts!

  23. Jeffrey says

    When I was little, I used to watch Snoopy cartoons during the holidays.

  24. Jeanne Coulombe says

    No he was not

  25. Mary M. says

    Snoopy and Peanuts were not part of my childhood. Easter was celebrated with an Easter Egg hunt at church and a Sunday worship service about Jesus and His resurrection from the dead.

  26. Jennifer Ann Wilson says

    When I was a child, Easter was a religious holiday but I do remember watching “It’s the Easter Beagle, Charlie Brown” when it came out.

  27. Karen Propes says

    No the Easter Beagle didn’t come until later for me, but it did for my Daughter and she loved to collect Peanuts memorabilia. Her daughter plays with some of it now.

  28. Catherine R. says

    I remember Charlie Brown and Peanuts but I do not remember the Easter Beagle.

  29. Amber Cheras says

    I enjoyed going to an easter egg hunt and then coming home and watching the Charlie Brown Easter special with my family.

  30. Marina M. says

    I don’t have any memories of Easter Beagle since I spent my childhood in other country but I’m going to watch it with my son this Spring.

  31. laurie murley says

    we love watching their programs their great for the kids and no bad things on their shows

  32. Amy Orvin says

    The Easter Beagle wasn’t a part of it , but the Easter bunny was. Memories I have of Easter morning was spent at Church and we always had Easter egg hunts.

  33. Brenda Witherspoon-Bedard says

    when I was a kid, we use to watch the easter beagle as a family

  34. maria says

    I’m not sure if i saw this as a kid. I did see the other Charlie Brown specials.

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