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Road Trip Safety Tips – Stay Awake, Be Prepared and Travel Savvy

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There is something about being on the open road, heading toward whatever adventure wanderlust has traveling toward. Getting there can be half the fun, but studies show that sleep drivers can be just as dangerous as drunk drivers. Keep these road trip safety tips handy to stay awake, be prepared, and be travel savvy.

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Sleep Sufficient and Stay Awake

Getting enough sleep before your trip is obvious, but relaxing when you are so excited can be a challenge. Focus on resting up and treat yourself to a pre-trip massage or indulge in a nice bath to help you drift off to a peaceful sleep before you hit the road.

As far as staying awake during the drive, make sure you have something like music to keep your attention. If you’re driving with a car full of sleepy kids, make sure you pack headphones to listen to your jams while the rest of the car enjoys some shut eye.

Snack savvy, too. Sugar may sounds like an energy-booster, but it will end up making your body crash from the spikes. Healthy options will make you less likely to feel sluggish. Opt for chewy and crunchy options like lean jerky or carrots to keep you going.

Other Tips to Stay Awake While Driving

Stay cool! Stay awake during that road trip by keeping the temp a few degrees below your normal preference.

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Power nap for 20 minutes. Sleeping longer than the 20 minute range will put your body into full-on sleep mode. After your nap, make sure you give yourself 15 minutes to wake up. Maybe use the restroom, grab a cup of coffee, or stretch your legs on a short walk.

Of course, trips are always better with a friend. Take a buddy to share the driving load and keep each other awake to ensure safety.