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Stress-Busting Travel Hacks for Flights: Easier Air Travel

Sometimes traveling can make a vacation a nightmare trip. Try these easy, stress-busting travel hacks for flights to make air travel easier.

Email Yourself

Email yourself a copy of your passport, tickets, or any other vital documents. When traveling abroad, having access to a copy of your identification documents will not only speed up the replacement process, it will give you peace of mind. Same goes for your plane tickets, attraction passes, or other important items.

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Seat Selection

If you’re selecting your seat before your flight, which most airlines now charge a few for the privilege, use SeatGuru to locate a prime place. Generally speaking, experts tend to suggest sitting near the wings of the plane for less turbulence.

Fast First

Those longer flights and switching time zones can be a jet lag nightmare. A study conducted by Harvard found that fasting for 16 hours before a long flight can help adjust the body’s biological circadian clock.

Eat Right

When you do time your eating habits for the trip, take into consideration what you eat. Greasy burgers and fatty foods are big options at more airports, but avoid the lure of treating yourself to a pre-flight food debauchery. It’s a no-brainer to load up on lean proteins and healthy foods, but skip gas-causing choices like beans, cabbage, and broccoli. Also, skip the soda and other fizzy drinks to avoid the flatulence-factor. Your fellow passengers will thank you.

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Drink and Move

You’re limited on space, but do your best to move and stretch in your seat. This will stave off cramps and keep your blood flowing. Above all, make sure you are drinking plenty of water. Avoid the tap water on the plane, but fill up water bottles before you board.