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The 4 Best Benefits of Vacation Home Rentals


vacation home

While hotels are generally an easier sale, the 4 best benefits of vacation home rentals may be a better fit for you and your family. From more space to more to the upside of traveling with a large family, a vacation home rental may be the answer to your vacation dreams.

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The Space

Vacation home rentals offer more space, generally speaking. If you have a large family, renting a home instead of hotel room will give you more options for separate bedrooms, bathrooms, and even that coveted money-saving kitchen. This factor can be a life-saver when your quibbling little angels need their space.

The Money

As a bonus to the extra space, vacation home rentals often come with a cheaper price tag. Options through Airbnb can save you tons of cash on the accommodations aspect alone. Add in the kitchen where you can cook meals and save on the daily breakfast, lunch, snack, and dinner bills, and you can spend that vacation budget elsewhere.

The Perks

Many Airbnb hosts are willing to give you insider or local knowledge. They will be a great source for sharing where to eat, what tourist traps to avoid, and secluded spots to enjoy a romantic evening or quiet family moment. Plus, vacation home rental hosts are no stranger to pampering their guests with amenities like bikes to get around town, books, cribs, strollers, sand toys, or some decent coffee!

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The Large Family or Friendcation Factor

If your family is bigger than 4, you will likely run into a space issue. Large families are often faced with the trouble of renting 2 rooms. With a vacation rental, you can often find spaces big enough to hold large families. Home rentals are also Friendcation-friendly, so you can go on a trip with your best pals or extended family and split the cost!

Have you rented a vacation home for your dream vacation? Share your experience or tips in the comment section below!


  1. Lady Lilith says

    Sounds nice. Renting a place for the summer gives kids a change of scenery.

  2. Paula Schuck says

    Vacation home rentals are absolutely the best way to enjoy a vacation. It’s so much more relaxing than a hotel room.

  3. Todd Conway says

    The main advantage is cost. It allows people to take vacations at a fraction of the cost of a decent hotel. This is especially true when it comes to luxury vacation listings in resort areas. With several people in your group, you can split the cost of an amazing villa that would be off limits otherwise.
    In the age of Airbnb and managed vacation rental services like Pillow Homes, guests can get the luxury of hotel experience and with the freedom and privacy of your own property. With managed vacation rental services, guests also get a trustworthy managed booking process at competitive prices. But then I am from Pillow Homes, so I would say that!

  4. Liz Mays says

    These are some great reasons to try a vacation rental. I think we’d consider it for the extra freedom and the comfort of staying in a real home.

  5. Jeanine says

    I would love to do a vacation rental. I wouldn’t ever be able to do a hotel again with our big family so this would be a perfect option for us!

  6. Kelly Hutchinson says

    I was just looking into the idea of vacation hoe rentals. They seem like such a better choice than renting a hotel.

  7. Gregory Willard says

    I think it’s interesting that vacation home often come with a cheaper price tag. It has always been a dream of mine to rent a vacation home, and go somewhere new. I will have to start looking and see if we can actually afford to do that.

  8. Finn Stewart says

    My wife and I planned to go on a vacation for our upcoming anniversary, but we didn’t want to just stay in a hotel. She suggested that we look into a rental home while we are there because then we can have some privacy and not have to interact with other hotel guests. I also like how you mention that vacation home rentals often come with a cheaper price tag than hotels, so this is definitely something I will have to look into for us. Thanks for sharing!

  9. Lillian Schaeffer says

    It’s interesting that you pointed out that vacation home rentals have more space. My husband and I are planning a trip with his siblings and their spouses. There are going to be a lot of us, and we’ll likely be just hanging out for a lot of the time, so we’ll look into finding a vacation rental so we have the space to do so.

  10. Jen Pack says

    My family and I want to plan a big vacation for next summer, so I appreciate this information. I like how you point out that home rentals can be beneficial because you don’t have to worry about running out of space if you have a large family like mine. I want to go somewhere by the beach, so we’ll have to look for rental homes that are beachfront.

  11. Sayulita Rentals says

    Home rentals are the best options when we plan a family trip above 4 to 6 peoples.
    These are best benefits you share on this blogs.

  12. Tomas Killington says

    My extended family and I are going on a vacation next month. We are looking for lodging options that can accommodate a larger group. I didn’t realize private vacation homes are able to provide separate bedrooms and bathrooms for different families. That sounds like something we could really use.

  13. Derek Dewitt says

    My wife and I are planning a vacation soon and are thinking about getting a vacation home for it. I really like that you mention how a kitchen can actually save you time and money because you can cook at home instead of out every day. This sounds especially nice so we don’t have to gather up all the kids every time we need to get food. Thanks for sharing!

  14. Thomas Pindall says

    I have a friend who is going on vacation sometime in the future and is considering on possibly renting a vacation home during the time he spends there. It really helped when you said that a vacation home offers more space by providing multiple rooms to choose from and sometimes even a kitchen. My friend has a lot of kids, so he’ll be happy to give them the space that they need to be kids and can even put them in separate rooms.

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