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Arkansas Travel Guide: 5 Places to Visit

Arkansas Travel Guide: 5 Places to Visit

I was born and raised in Arkansas. Most people I come across in my travels have never been to the state. Sometimes they’ve never even heard of it. When they ask, “What’s in Arkansas?” I lightheartedly respond, “A lot of rice.”

All jokes aside, Arkansas doesn’t get enough credit. Not only is my home state historically significant, it is made up of gorgeous hiking trails, mountains, and rivers most Americans have never seen. Although I could rant about Arkansas’s attractions for way too long, I’ll give you a short rundown. Here are five of my favorite places in Arkansas.


    Arkansas Travel Guide: 5 Places to Visit
    Sunrise in Little Rock, Arkansas. Blurred barque in the foreground.

    Arkansas’s capital is full of history. See Little Rock Central High School, the site of the first African American integration in the 1950s. Bill Clinton was born in Arkansas and became the state’s governor for 11 years, so the Clinton Presidential Library was built. Visit the library’s exhibits to learn about America’s 42nd


    Arkansas Travel Guide: 5 Places to Visit
    This famous place on the Whitaker’s Point trail is the number 1 most photographed spot in Arkansas. A male hiker enjoys the view standing hundreds of feet above the Ozark mountains forest below.

    Hawksbill Crag is probably the most scenic spot in Arkansas. You’ll find this cliff off of Whitaker Point Trail in the Ozark Mountains, a two-hour drive from Little Rock. You can hike the trail in about an hour, so accessing the crag is easy. Hawksbill Crag is a photographer’s dream in any season and at any time of day.


    Arkansas Travel Guide: 5 Places to VisitI’ll bet you didn’t know there is a national park in Arkansas! In Hot Springs National Park, you’ll find 47 natural hot springs, many of which you can bathe in. The park also has several scenic hiking trails.


    Arkansas Travel Guide: 5 Places to Visit
    Waterfall at Hot Springs National Park. 70 degrees C hot.

    Arkansas has a little something to offer all you backpackers out there! Ozark Highlands Trail is a 218-mile trail in northwest Arkansas that stretches throughout the Ozark Mountains, alongside the Buffalo National River. I don’t recommend hiking this trail in summer, because Arkansas humidity is brutal. If you go in late October, you’ll experience the state’s best hiking weather.


    Arkansas Travel Guide: 5 Places to Visit

    Want to dig for diamonds? Good news, Arkansas is home to the only diamond site open to the public. You can enter the park for only $10, and you keep any diamonds you find. You can also look at the exhibits to learn about diamonds and how to identify different types of diamonds you find at the park.

Have you ever traveled to Arkansas?  If you have did you have any favorite things to do?  Share them with us in the comments!


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