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Hotel Room Service – Is It Worth the Splurge?


Hotel Room Service – Is It Worth the Splurge?

There is something about staying in hotel and ordering an array of fabulous food to be delivered to your door. But is hotel room service worth the splurge? More often than not, the answer is no.

The Charges

If you compare room service menu prices to the hotel’s restaurant prices, you might be surprised to discover that exact same sandwich you want delivered to your room is cheaper in the restaurant. Generally speaking, the prices on the hotel room service menu are more expensive than the exact same dishes served in the restaurant.

On top of the higher prices, you’ll often have an array of service charges or add-on fees to your hotel room service bill. Don’t be surprised to see gratuity added into your bill, too. Then, the employee who actually brings you the meal typically expects to get a tip on top of what you’re already charged.

Freshness Debate

Room service food is often prepped for a quick delivery. In addition to pre-prepared food, it’s often made in a separate kitchen or area made especially for room service. It’s also not uncommon for dishes to be tweaked to accommodate the prepped food. So, instead of fresh chicken, you may get a processed chicken roll.

If you need or desire alterations to menu items, room service might not be able to accommodate them. That means the dishes are already prepared and there’s no going back. More upscale hotels will be more likely to accommodate alterations to the dish, but be wary of those who won’t.

Not all room service is littered with downsides. You can also find some unique and amazing dishes out there. So, ask some questions if you’re wary. Your experience can still be an amazing culinary adventure.

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  1. robin masshole mommy says

    I splurged once and it was WAY expensive. I think I would only do it again if it was a really special occasion.

  2. Chris Lewis says

    Good thoughts. I have sometimes wondered this as it is not something I usually splurge on, but it may be something I am willing to try in the future!

  3. Denise N Seegobin says

    This is a great article to learn about the things that I don’t think about when I travel. Thank you

  4. Jacqui @FlightsFancyMom says

    I’ve never done room service at a hotel. But I have on the two cruises I’ve been on. It’s great, and they do accommodate what you want 🙂

  5. candy says

    After a long day traveling and work sometimes we just don’t feel like going out for a meal or drink. Relaxing in the hot tub and kicking back watching a movie while have a great meal delivered is all worth it.

  6. Jeanette says

    I have actually never tried doing hotel room service! I think if there’s a day you really want to split yourself it’s fun to do otherwise I would probably skip it myself.

  7. Bill S says

    I have ordered ahead treats for my wife when she travels solo was easy to do. I think it can be worth it in the right situation!

  8. Franc Ramon says

    I think it’s much better to eat at the restaurant because it’s cheaper. There are advantages on room service though especially of you want more privacy.

  9. Stephanie JEannot says

    I have done the room service thing before and it was okay for what it was. But, I rather go to the restaurant, sit down and wait for the 45 minutes it takes them to actually cook the food before I get it while munching on the appetizers that they give.

  10. Jenn @ EngineerMommy says

    Sometimes the charges can be exorbitant. I remember seeing an egg omelet for like $15 at a hotel recently. However, sometimes it’s worth the splurge!

  11. Claudia Krusch says

    I like to bring my own snacks when I stay at a hotel. I will often hit a local grocery store to get a few easy things I can make in my room. It is a great way to save money.

  12. Terri Beavers says

    I’ve never tried hotel room service. The main reason is that when I’m traveling I want to go out to see what’s available in the area.

  13. Pam says

    We have ordered hotel room service a few times, but it’s not something we do often. I like to bring my own snacks! Sometimes room service just doesn’t have what I want.

  14. Bella says

    It is fun to do it once and have some fun but it is SO expensive. Not something I would ever make a habit of.

  15. Chubskulit Rose says

    Yep, delivery room service for food is way overrated. I’d rather go out and eat than consume food inside the hotel room anyway.

  16. ricci says

    I stay in hotels quite a bit and hardly ever order room service. It just seems super expensive for food that I usually wind up not liking. But some people love it!!

  17. LaSHawn says

    One of my favorite parts of staying in a hotel is room service! i know you can always find something cheaper elsewhere, but I love it as an indulgence!

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