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5 Wedding Gifts for Travelers

5 Wedding Gifts for Travelers

We all know this engaged couple. (Or maybe you are one half of this couple!) They spend their money on plane tickets instead of new cars and spend their weekends camping instead of partying. If you are one of those wedding guests who takes gift giving seriously, you probably want to tailor your present to this travel couple’s style. Here are a few gift ideas for the big day. If none of these options feel right, remember, travelers always love to receive money to spend on their next plane ticket.


When my husband and I got married, camping equipment filled up our Amazon wedding registry. When we opened a gift that revealed the two-person tent we had asked for, we jumped up and down with excitement. His aunt gave us adorable his-and-hers enamelware camping cups. I’m still secretly disappointed that no one bought us the sleeping bags we registered for, though. Oh well, you can’t win them all!


There are several ways you can go with this gift idea. You can buy a “love map,” which the happy couple puts on their wall and marks the places they have been together with little hearts. You can also give them a map of a special place they have lived or visited together. Don’t forget to check their registry for specific maps they have their eyes on. My husband and I registered for a colorful world map shower curtain. The Bed Bath & Beyond employee helping us thought we were kidding. We weren’t.


This couple is about to start a new life together, and they probably have a lot of travel plans for the next fifty-plus years. Get together with a few friends and pull your money to buy them a quality luggage set that will last for years.


 Chances are, your favorite travel couple is probably going to an exciting destination for their honeymoon. Travelers typically love documenting their explorations with photos. Buy them a scrapbook specifically for pictures from their honeymoon.


Hammocks are small and easy to pack on trips. My husband and I like to take our double hammock with us so that we can set it up to relax or watch a sunset if we come upon beautiful scenery in our travels. Even if they already have single hammocks, buy the couple a double hammock so they can lounge in nature together.

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