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Tips to Book Cheap and Affordable Holiday Travel Airfare

Tips to Book Cheap and Affordable Holiday Travel AirfareThanksgiving, Christmas, and the New Year always seem to sneak up on us. So, make sure to use these tips to book cheap and affordable holiday travel airfare. It will easy the stress on you and your savings account.

General Rules for Cheap Travel

1) Timing is key when it comes to booking flights and hotels generally speaking. It’s even more important during the holidays as it’s peak travel season when prices skyrocket. Book too early or too late, and you’ll be paying top dollar.

2) What day is the cheapest day to book flight travel? This question is debatable as pricing for flights year-round is incredibly nuanced. Typically, Tuesdays are the safest bet, but Priceline’s statistics suggest Friday is the best day to book. However, the day you fly is what you really need to focus on. If your holiday trip is flexible, you’ll save the most money as prices for the actual flight date vary from day to day.

3) If you’re embracing the trend of indulging in a tropical getaway instead of going home for the holidays, you’ll be paying more than you would for a beachy vacation any other time of year. For example, historically, the most expensive route during holiday travel is from New York to Florida.

4) Consider setting up alerts or using airfare trackers to help you narrow down the cheapest days to fly. Hopper, Skyscanner, and Google Flights are 3 decent options.


October is the best booking time for Turkey Day travel. Make sure you have your Thanksgiving airfare booked by Halloween to save the most money. If you book within the last two weeks leading up to the holiday, you’ll be paying the highest prices.


You have less time to get your Christmas flights booked. If you wait until mid-October, you’ve missed your window to maximize savings. The window for the cheapest Christmas flights is the last week of September through the first week of October.

Do you have any tips for booking holiday travel to get the best prices?  Please, share them with us in the comments!

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