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6 Places to Take Your Kids in Shenzhen, China

6 Places to Take Your Kids in Shenzhen, China

Traveling with kids can be difficult, especially in countries vastly different from your own, such as China. Thankfully, Shenzhen, China, has several attractions aimed at children.

Shenzhen is a new city, and its tourism is rapidly growing. Don’t miss out on a fun family vacation before all the sites become crowded with travelers!


Happy Valley is a theme park that appeals to the entire family. The park is divided into nine sections, two of the most popular being Playa Maya Water Park and Mt. Adventure. Get excited for bumper cars, river rapids, and acrobatic shows!


Window of the World is a park with a collection of over 130 miniature reproductions of the most famous monuments in the world. In one day, your family can visit the Eiffel Tower, Taj Mahal, Mount Rushmore, and Sydney Opera House. If you want to encourage your child’s interest in travel, Window of the World is the place to go.


Dameisha Beach is one of the only free beaches in Shenzhen, and it is also the most popular. Colorful statues are spread out on the sand. There are many authentic Chinese restaurants within walking distance of the beach.


This folk village has a similar setup as Window of the World. The park has miniature reproductions of famous spots around China. Your kids can learn about the history, architecture, and culture of different areas in China.


Shenzhen Safari Park is a zoo with over 300 species of animals. Every day, the zoo puts on animal performances. Some of the most beloved are the elephant and tiger show and the sea lion performance.


Locals love their parks. There are plenty of playgrounds and wide open places where your children can run, ride bikes, and fly kites. The most popular park in Shenzhen is Lianhuashan Park, where you’ll find a lake, live musicians, and a short hike that leads you to a gorgeous view of the city. Bao’an Park has a good playground. Unfortunately, you are not allowed to ride bikes in Bao’an Park. I recommend hopping over to Shenzhen Bay Park, where everyone loves riding bicycles on weekends! On a clear day, you can gaze across the water from Shenzhen Bay and see Hong Kong.

Have you been to China?  Have you traveled as a family?  Do you have any tips for traveling to China with kids?

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