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Eating in Rome: Pizzarium Pizza, The Best in the City – Gourmet Take-Out Dining!

Eating in Rome: Pizzarium Pizza, The Best in the City - Gourmet Take-Out Dining!

Before spending some time in Italy, my pizza vocabulary was fairly limited. I was familiar with the Chicago deep dish pizza, my all-time favorite New York style thin crust, and the typical pan pizza that I find quite often in California. I was ready to head to Italy and get a taste of a real Italian pie.

Little did I know, the phrase, “there’s no such thing as Italian food” also applies to pizza. Types of pizza differs from region to region, which means the type of pizza you’ll find in Naples won’t be the same one you’ll have in Rome. Since Rome was my home base during my time in Italy, I let my taste buds lead the way.

What I discovered was that Rome didn’t offer just one or two but three types of pizzas. The first is pizza Bianca—a white pizza dough baked in a sheet and typically brushed with olive oil and eaten as street food. Then there’s what Romans refer to simply as ‘pizza’ which to them is a small, round single-serving pizza. Finally, there’s pizza a taglio, a sheet pizza containing various toppings and sold by the weight.

Thanks to Pizzarium, a small take out place with only a few standing tables outside, pizza a taglio became my all-time favorite Roman pie. Pizzarium is a tiny pizzeria that I was compelled to try after a visit to the Vatican. I heard about it from several bloggers who have had a hand in making it one of the most popular pizzerias in Rome. Before Pizzarium, I wouldn’t have touched a square slice of pizza with a ten foot pole (it was a little too reminiscent of school cafeteria food), but after Pizzarium, I was forever changed.

I came into Pizzarium a little nervous about ordering pizza by the weight. My nerves were calmed when I found that the friendly workers were English-speaking and happy to lead me through the process and answer questions. I soon had a tray of hot pizza a taglio slices ready for me to demolish.

There were so many unique toppings and interesting combinations at Pizzarium that it is difficult for me to recall all of them. However, I can say that they were all wildly delicious with ingredients that speak for themselves. I especially enjoyed the slice piled thick with mortadella that I still dream about today.

Eating in Rome: Pizzarium Pizza, The Best in the City - Gourmet Take-Out Dining!

The pizza a taglio at Pizzarium is unlike any pizza you’ll ever taste. The dough is the perfect base to the freshest, most complementary ingredients. Even with its ever-growing popularity, I received the best service and the wait time was limited. In my opinion, Pizzarium is a must for anyone visiting Rome.